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The Best Horror/ Exploitation Trailers Vol. 1

I'm a HUGE fan of trailer collections like the 42nd Street Forever series. To me the old school trailers are an art-form long lost. Back in the day, gore and nudity was happily showcased in them. The narration was awesome. And, sometimes these trailers out-shined the movies being advertised.

I hope to post more volumes as times passes, for now here is the first batch. Each is followed by my thoughts. Hope you enjoy my picks (please note: they are in NO particular order whatsoever)

This might be my all time fav trailer. The narration is awesome! "But, you cannot escape from Suspiria!" "The only thing more terrifying than the last 10 min of Suspiria are the first 92!" That's fucking classic right there! As, is the skull coming her hair and the breathing title letters. This , by the way, is my all time fav Argento film. A remake from the director of Pineapple Express is STILL threatened. God, please help us all and don't let it happen!

This controversial and infamous cult fav really knows how to sell itself. While, it is said to be vaguely inspired by true events, this movie is, I'm pretty sure, far from the actual truth. But, the trailer makes this film sound as morbid as they come. The nudity and gore shown in it is a reminder of a day gone by. Love the last line in it. The movie itself is OK. I actually enjoyed it more the second time around, though it suffers from pacing problems. The blu-ray release to this, by the way, is simply amazing. Get it!

This most recent of this group of trailers. I love it cause it promises (and the movie delivers) lots of action and kick ass stuff. "But it's gonna be one hell of a night!" Great line! Plus, the use of the Aliens score is all win, in my book. This remains my fav Rodriguez movie and my fav movie that Tarantino has anything to do with.

Here is another trailer that claims that it did happen, in real life. While director Meir Zarchi did say he was inspired by something, he saw in his life, this film, itself never really occurred. Nor those the movie, itself, claim that it does. The way the narrator says the title of the movie is just awesome. The movie has never lost it's power to shock and disturb. A flawed and mean-spirited classic all the way.

Wes Craven's debut movie remains a disturbing and shocking classic. This trailer is so fucking good! The "It's only a movie" campaign is fucking classic. Considering how brutal this one is, for once, it actually delivers fully on what it says.

I actually never seen Snuff. From what I hear I am NOT missing much. But, maybe some day I will see it. But, I just LOVE the trailer. First off, any trailer, or movie, for that matter that opens up with a warning is just plain awesome. Why don't movies do that nowadays? Anyways, the best line in it is "This could only be made in South America where life is cheap". HAHAHA! That's fucking priceless right there!

So, what did you think of my picks? Are there any you would like to see in a future installment? Let me know! Till then, go see these movies, themselves!

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