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Camelot & The Borgias- Cables Newest Series

Two new shows have recently debuted on premium cable: Camelot and The Borgias. These are my thoughts on them.

WARNING: Some minor spoilers are mentioned in here.

Camelot- Of these two shows, this one is my preferred one, well at least for now. Airing on Starz, it retells the King Arthur legend. There is a good mix of drama, with some fantasy elements through in. I'm glad they did not opt to ignore the fantasy elements (which is something I was afraid they were gonna do).

First off, the production value, is of course, sumptuous. The cinematography is gorgeous. The acting is excellent. I love the whole cast, in particular Eva Green is the deliciously evil Morgan. But, more on her later.

Since this is cable, they are able to add lots of violence, including a bloody slaughter at the end of the two part first episode. Actually, the first episode was aired as a preview, last month, which is when I caught it. Last night, I saw the full two-parter.

Anyways, the other thing that cable allows is, of course, skin! And thank God for the beautiful Eva Green!!! I been a fan of hers since Casino Royale. She has a breathtakingly beautiful face and gorgeous eyes. And, those natural boobs are a sight to behold! Holy fuckin' shit! I flipped out when she showed them on the preview! In the ending of the second half she shows them to some wolf/ demon (?) thing. Some lycan-like creatures have all the luck!

The Borgias- This show I was interested long before I even heard of Camelot. I first heard about it when my friend Kristie, and I went to the Showtime house way back in October of last year. The Showtime house is an annual thing were artists make rooms inspired by each show on Showtime. While Dexter was, of course, our favorite room, my second fav had to be The Borgias room. I mean it had a big-ass cross, a skull, and bunch of books. How could it not be?

Anyways, it definitely made me curious to see this show. Well that and the fact that Jeremy Irons is in the lead role. He's a great actor, and I been a fan of his since I saw him in Cronenberg's classic Dead Ringers. Anyhow, I kept waiting and waiting for it to air. To the point where I was wondering what the fuck was up!

Well, it finally debuted this Sunday, with a another two parter. Again, the set design and costumes are gorgeous. This one is a little slower, though. It is inspired by the real life and corrupt Borgias family. The dude was some scummy pope. This show promises to show what is, as they call it, "the first crime family".

Already, we see glimpses of the corruption. Sex seems to play a major part in it. Which of course means skin! The female cast, by the way, is VERY easy on the eyes.

The acting is excellent, and it should be noted that it is produced by Neil (Interview with the Vampire) Jordan. Like I said, it was slow, but the last twenty minutes really kicked the series into gear. Based on the clips they showed, I think this show will only get better. Very much looking forward to more episodes.

So, there you have it. I hope you guys will give these shows a look. I would love to hear your thoughts on them, as well.

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