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Cinema ABCs

A couple of other blogs have been doing this, so, here is mine contribution.

A is for Aliens
B is Battle Royale
C is for The Curse of the Werewolf
D is for Death Wish
E is for The Evil Dead
F is Fudoh: The New Generation
G is for The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
H is for Hard Boiled
I is for Iron Man
J is for Jaws
K is for King Kong
L is for Land of the Dead
M is for Mulholland Dr.
N is for A Nightmare on Elm Street
O is for The Others
P is for Phenomena
Q is for The Quiet
R is for Re-Animator
S is for Scarface
T is for Taxi Driver
U is for Under Siege
V is for Vampyres
W is for The Warriors
X is for X2: X-Men United
Y is for You Only Live Twice
Z is for Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs

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