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Super7 At Toy Fair 2017

Super7 had what might be the most eye catching and ''holy crap! That rules!'' booth at Toy Fair 2017.

This was especially true if you, like me, are a HUGE Masters of the Universe fan. They have added new figures in the vintage style, as above. And, they will be giving us new ones in the Classics, fully articulated and detailed style, as well! Some of the above figures are already out, but most of this the MOTU figures are coming soon!

 They are also doing the above ''Star Wars'' style MOTU figures!

Fellow horror fans should take head at the kick ass Alien, Hellboy (comic books, inspired) and Toxic Avenger toys that they will be releasing!
  If you have ever fantasized about a Toxic Avenger, Hellboy, and Star Wars crossover (and, who here hasn't?!), you will soon be able to do just that with your action figures!

Super7 is shaping up to being one of my favorite toy lines!!