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Necrowretch- Satanic Slavery (Album Review)

Musicians: Necrowretch
Album Title: Satanic Slavery
Genre/ Subgenre: Blackened Death Metal
Label: Season of Mist
Release date: April 14, 2017

Necrowretch is a brutal and fast as fuck blackened death metal band that hails from France, and Satanic Slavery is their third full length album. The music displayed on it is brutal, furiously fast, and Satanic.

By combining elements of an old school sound with newer influences, Necrowretch has a distinct yet still reconizable sound. The riffs feel like they are coming from the deepest and most infernal of places and the brutal blast beats are unstoppable in their ferocity. The screeching/ screaming vocals of Vlad, who also plays the guitar, deliver blasphemy filled and unholy lyrics.

The first track, ''Sprawl of Sin'', starts off the album with a creepy intro of haunting sounds and an evil sounding voice. Then it explodes into all out bashing fury. The title brutally kicks ass from the get go, the lighting fast music only slowing down for the righteously evil chorus. ''Evil Names'' has a slow, crunching start that adds a sense of doom to the evil proceedings, then it begins to pick up speed at a galloping and ultimately unrelenting pace. ''Curse of Blasphemy'' has a great mixture of chainsaw-like riffs with a almost non-stop barrage of blast beats, this is caped off by Vlad's vocals which are truly demonic in nature. The combined results make up what might just be the best track on the album. The final track is ''Verses from the Depths'' features blast beats that will make you feel like a demon straight out of hell came out and decided to beat your fucking face in.

Necrowretch's Satanic Slavery is an unrelenting and hellish attack. Uncompromising speed highlight the excellent musicianship that is display. In all, it encompasses death metal at it's most brutally evil.
4 out of 5