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Title: Nazithon: Decade of Destruction
Director: Charles Band
Writer: Kent Roudebush
Cast: Michelle ''Bombshell'' McGee, Ian Roberts
Min: 80

In a bunker, Frau Bombshell (Michelle ''Bombshell'' McGee) is accompanied by a silent Nazi solider. She hosts a bunch of Naziploitation and Nazi centered exploitation movie trailers. They are shock of full babes, violence, gore, torture, and/ or the supernatural.
Nazithon: Decadence and Destruction is a heartwarming trailer collection from Charles Band and Full Moon's Grindhouse Collection. Our host, Michelle ''Bombshell'' McGee, is best known as the chick who broke up Sandra Bullock's marriage to Jesse James. She also appeared in some pics online where she wore a swastika armband. Her appearing on this collection can be seen either as distasteful and sleazy or as pure exploitation sensibility. I'll go with the former. Everything here is done with tongue firmly in cheek as an exploitation trailer collection should be. McGee is not a great host, not by a long shot, but she is adequate and serves her purpose. At least, I suppose she does.

The trailers are broken up into sections: Nazi camps, Nazi babes, Neo-Nazis, and supernatural Nazis. The last two add a bit of variety to the sick mix by focusing on blaxploitation (The Black Gestapo) and various biker flicks (The Tormentors and others) for Neo-Nazis, while the last section is all horror flicks. Nazi zombies (Zombie Lake, Shockwaves,etc.) and even Nazi ghosts (Death Ship) are featured.
All of the trailers are fun. In case of the first half centering on Naziploitation, they are in considerable bad taste. They are also usually really bad movies, so the truth is that many of their trailers are better than the films themselves! Among the movies of this nasty sub-genre presented here are: SS Camp 5: Women’s Hell, SS Hell Camp, SS Experiment Love Camp, Salon Kitty (a genuine classic of the sub-genre), and more. Also included are trailers for all of the Ilsa movies, which are generally considered the creme-de-la-creme in exploitation circles.
Tossed among the trailers are clips from two movies. First off is Video Nasty SS Hell Camp (AKA The Beast in Heat) (pictured above). Seeing the clip they show here may lead you to believe that this is a great movie with a hot and evil chick. Well, she certainly is hot and evil, but the movie is pretty far from being good at all. Meanwhile, the clip from Jean Rollin's Zombie Lake almost put me to sleep. But, honestly that's about the only weak part in an otherwise fun compilation.

Nazithon: Decadence and Destruction is a fun and not very politically correct trailer collection of a pretty tasteless sub-genre. Centering on Naziploitation and Nazi-centered sex and violence movies, it might not be for everyone. However, if you are not offended by subject matter and, most specially, if you are curious about it, dive right in! After all, Charles Band truly knows how to put these trailer collections (The Best of Sex and Violence anyone?) successfully together, and this perversely fun edition is no different.

3 out of 4