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Nightbringer- Terra Demnata (Album Review)

Musicians: Nightbringer
Album Title: Terra Demnata
Genre/ Subgenre: Black Metal
Label: Season of Mist
Release date: April 14, 2017

Hailing from Green Mountain Falls, Colorado, Nightbringer is proof of the great black metal that is coming from out here in the States. Their latest album Terra Demnata is blast of full speed, brutal, and chilling music that is truly evil and goddamn atmospheric.

This is some of the fastest and heaviest black metal to come out, and not just from the good, old US of A, this year. The album opens up with the blistering ''As Wolves Amongst Ruins'', which is an all lightning fast and atmospheric attack. ''Misrule'' has a chilling opening that goes into a brutal assault of blast beats and a cold feeling that is classic black metal. I love the underlying riff that adds a classic horror movie vibe to it. Speaking of horror movies, the haunting and quiet opening of ''Of the Key and Crossed Bones'' leads into a song that is slow, evil, and pummeling. Perhaps, my favorite track on the album is the brutal and lightning fast ''Let Silence be His Scared Name''. It begins with bone chiling keyboards and, then, wastes no time into going into full blast beat mode, only to slow down again and become some of the scariest shit you are likely to hear all month!

The musicianship from the band is solid, in particular when it comes to the savagely fast drumming of Menthor. The screeching vocals, from three members Naas Alcamet (guitars), Ophis (guitars), and ar Ra'd al Iblis, are inhuman. In fact, the whole album sounds like it came from the depths of hell, itself. Although, this is a hell with excellent production values, thanks to the band working with Dave (Cobalt, Cehalic Carnage, Cattle Decaptation, Archspire) Otero, again.

Terra Demnata is already a strong contender for most haunting and chilling release of the year. Fast, brutal, and pummeling, as well as cold and distant, this is some truly evil sounding music. Black metal fans take head, this demonic motherfucker is for you!
3.5 out of 5