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(Video) An Exclusive Interview with Artist Kira Lee at ACA Galleries, NYC

Kira Lee is an amazing NYC based artist. ACA Galleries, in NYC, is currently having an exhibition of her incredible art, called Legends and Lyrics. They her music inspired pieces are of iconic rock artists like John Lennon, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, David Bowie (who gets a whole wall dedicated to him!), Kurt Cobain, and many others. Her art is amazing and truly breathtaking. As you get closer to look at it, you get to truly realize just how much work and heart she puts into her pieces, as you come to realize that they are made up of words and lyrics, inspired by each of the artists.
You can see of the pieces in the pictures displayed in this article, though they do not do them the true justice that they deserve. You simply need to see them for yourself to truly get the depth of their beauty.
I am a huge fan of her work and had the utmost pleasure of talking to her about on them at the public opening of her art show, last week on Feb. 2, 2017.
You can see the interview in the video below:

Her gallery will be on display through March 4, 2017 at the ACA Galleries on 529 W20th St, #5E. Do yourself a favor go as soon as you can! I guarantee that you will be glad that you did.


Video shot and edited by Negative Pop.
All photography by Negative Pop, except for the Kiss painting, that one is by myself.