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Lacey Sturm/ Palisades/ Stitched Up Heart/ Letters From the Fire at Webster Hall, NYC 2/6/17

On Feb. 2, 2017, the beautiful and awesome Lacey Sturm had a show at Webster Hall in NYC. The former Flyleaf signer has been doing a headlining tour, and I was on hand, as press, to cover this neck of the tour. I been a fan of hers since her Flyleaf days, but never saw her live before. Coupled with some solid opening acts, I was very excited to be at this show.
Before the concert started I got to talk and meet Stitched Up Heart (one of the opening acts) drummer Decker and Madame Mayhem, the signer of her own band, baring her namesake. The lovely Mayhem was hanging with SUH at this concert. Her band is fucking awesome and you guys definitely need to be checking them out. To boot, Decker and Mayhem are both really cool and nice in person.
The first band that came on was Letters From The Fire. This was my first time hearing them, but holy shit, do they ever kick ass! They play great hard rock music. Their beautiful and charismatic lead signer Alexa Kabazie and the band, as a whole, have a great stage presence. As such, they are one of the best opening acts that I have seen in very long time and were playing in support of their album Worth the Pain, which is currently out.

Their set list was as follows:

Perfect Life
Last December
Worth The Pain
At War
Give In To Me

 After their set was done, I got to meet Alexa. She was so nice in person! 
The next band up was Stitched Up Heart. This is now my third time seeing them, and as always they tear up onstage. Energetic and fired up, they own wherever it is that they are playing. Their set opened up with the ass kicking ''Finally Free''. From there they played various songs from their current album and full length debut, Never Alone, including ''Monster'' and their current video ''Catch Me When I Fall'', which has become my favorite song of theirs. The beautiful Mixi is just such an awesome front-woman, and she is backed up by an equally energetic band. They never fail to get me all pumped up!

As with the last two times, I saw them I met Mixi. She is definitely beautiful inside and out, as she is always so sweet to everyone who goes up to meet her. Humble, friendly, and down-to-earth, she is always all smiles, hugs, and selfies. She loves selfies with her fans and is the queen of doing just that!
Next up was Palisades, who played their brand of screamo/ electrocore. They showed a lot of energy and a different sound from the other bands on the tour. Their new, self-titled album just came out last month.
Finally, it was time for Lacey Sturm and her band to come onstage. From the very get-go the performance was filled with unbridled energy. The band was playing in support of her solo debut album, Life Screams. Personally speaking, I loved this album and thought it was one of last year's best debut albums.
Their set opened up with the album opener, Impossible. From there they played all of my favorite songs from album including such hard rocking tracks as ''Solider'', ''Rot'', and ''I''m not Laughing (which happen to be my three favorite tracks from the album), and the powerful and heartfelt "You're Not Alone".
One of the coolest track that they are playing is "Heavy Prey" the awesome song that she sang on the Underworld: Awakening soundtrack. They also played two cover songs, including their amazing take on The Police's classic track ''Roxanne'', which is available as a live extra track on their above mentioned album. On top of that, they also performed a couple of Flyleaf classics like the truly awesome ''Cassie'' and ''Chasm''. They closed off the set with Flyleaf medley of "I'm So Sick/ Fully Alive/ Call You Out/ Forever".

Between the songs, she would talk to the audience. She introduced the touring band members, including her husband, guitarist Joshua Sturm (first pic, below). She also would talk about the meanings of her songs, talking about life, love, and, of course, God. She speaks passionately, and you can see that it all comes from her good heart. Then she would get back to rocking hard. It's amazing all the energy that comes out from the tiny, little frame has. She is seriously one of the most energetic front-women to see live.
The end result was a great show. Lacey put on one heck of a show and was backed up by some great supporting acts. Be sure to catch this tour, if you haven't done so yet, and it passes your neck of the woods.