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Title: John Wick: Chapter 2
Director:  Chad Stahelski
Writer: Derek Kolstad
Cast: Keanu Reeves, Ricardo Scamario, Ian McShane, Ruby Rose, Common, Claudia Genrini
 Year: 2017
Min: 122

Picking up shortly after the first, John Wick (Keanu Reeves) finally gets his car back, after an exhilarating (NOTE: this word will come up a lot in this review, and fittingly so) opening, and is seemingly ready to get back to retirement, with his very cute, named, male pit-bull. But, lo and behold, the crime boss Santino D’Antonio (Riccardo Scamarcio), who helped him retire, in the first place, comes to collect the dept owed to him. Wick refuses and D'Antonio blows up his house. Wick and his cute doggy survive, but he soon realizes that he has no choice but to comply with this dickweed.

He goes to meet with Santino and finds out that the hit is on Santino's own sister, as he wants to take seat her place in the criminal bosses syndicate. Unfortunately, Wick finds that shit is never easy, as after he completes the task he finds himself being hunted by many, including Santino's own men, lead by the mute Ares (Ruby Rose) and Cassian (Common), the bodyguard of the woman he just offed, among many more.
The first film is unquestionably one of the very best pure action movies (IE no genre crosses with sci-fi or other genres) of the last couple of years. This sequel, fittingly enough, is one of the greatest action movie sequels, ever. In fact, John Wick Chapter 2 is one of the exhilarating and adrenaline charged movies, that you'll ever get to experience at the movies.
The action scenes will get your blood pumping and make you feel worked up and ready to kick some ass of your own. Returning director Chad Stahelski does once again a phenomenal job. He truly knows how to shoot an action scene. No annoying, headache inducing fast cuts and or shakey cam where you don't see shit. Instead, we get to witness all of the excellently choreographed fights, chases, and shootouts. And, as such the violence comes hard and bloody, unlike the countless of dickless PG-13 action movies that suffocate the movies these days. Stabbings, slicings, bloody gunshots, blade to the balls, impaling with a shotgun only to get blasted with it, and, of course, a ton of gory and sometimes wall splattering head-shots abound much to my and those I was watching this with in the movies joy.
Not only is all of this exciting to look at but tit is also quite beautiful. As a matter of fact, this is one of the best looking action movies, ever shot. Awashed in a blue tinge and with a great use of darkness to contrast, it's a visually breathtaking experience. The climatic action scene in a hall of mirrors had me enthralled at its breathtaking beauty. There is also a fun sense of humor that is both funny and welcome. It plays really well and keeps the movie from being all blood and bodies. But, it never hurts it, by making it too jokey or silly, as it serves to purely enhancement the material.

The acting is solid from all of the cast. Ian McShane, Common, and Laurence Fishburne give awesome and fun supporting roles. While, Riccardo Scamarcio is the type of villain that you will be dying to see get his just desserts. Unlike the waste of her time in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, Ruby Rose is given a lot more to do and is quite good and fun as the deadly and loyal henchwoman.
But, let us not kid ourselves, this is Keanu Reeves' movie all the way. He is a legitimate badass, one that is cool under pressure and is easy to cheer for. He is so charismatic as Wick, that it almost feels effortless on his part. This really is my favorite role that he has ever played. And, with this second entry, it is shaping up to be the best franchise he has ever been involved in (sorry Matrix and Bill and Ted fans).
I still prefer the first film, as it feels a teensy bit fresher and has a bit more heart. However, John Wick: Chapter 2 is an extremely fitting follow-up, one that comes pretty damn close to be on par with its predecessor. I do not know if we will get a better pure action movie this year, I seriously doubt it. I also don't think if that any 2017 sequels, of any genre, will be this great. A pure charge of adrenaline that will leave you feeling pumped up to the maximum human amount, John Wick: Chapter 2 is the first great movie of 2017. See it and see it now!

4 out of 4


Alan's World said...

I totally agree with you, Giovanni on this excellent John Wick sequel and I also concur with your opinion on Ruby Rose's neglected appearance in the latest RESIDENT EVIL movie. But I would like to know if you also saw the latest XXX 2:THE RETURN OF XANDER CAGE with Vin Diesel reprising his XXX role and that Ruby Rose has a more substantial role as a female sniper in the film than her small role in the recent Resident Evil film and what is your opinion about it.I personally enjoyed this XXX sequel as well as Ms. Rose's performance in it, although the film is not quite as good as the first XXX film in my opinion.

Giovanni Deldio said...

I've yet to see XXX 2, though after reading your comment, I most certainly plan to. Thanks for the heads up and for reading and enjoying my review.