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TRUTH OR DARE (2013) (Review) (Women In Horror Month 2017)

Title: Truth or Dare
Director: Jessica Cameron
Writers: Jessica Cameron, Jonathon Scott Higgins
Cast: Jessica Cameron, Ryan Kisser, Heather Dorff, Shelby Stehlin, Devanny Pinn
Year: 2014
Min: 84

A group that posts videos on the internet known as the ''Truth or Dare-Devils'' are incredibly famous due to their wild and extreme take on truth or dare. They are on a talk show, where one of their fans, Derik (Ryan Kisser) is angry that they have ignored his e-mails. He is also pissed that much of what they do is fake and planned out. Soon after, he invades the new place where they are going to shoot their next online video. He holds them hostage and is determined to take their show to new and very real levels of extreme violence and bloodletting.
Truth or Dare is the 2013 directorial debut of indie scream queen Jessica Cameron, who also co-wrote the script, along with Jonathon Scott Higgins, and stars in it. It is an unflinching and harrowing movie that makes us all know that Cameron will be a force to be reckoned with in the horror world. It is one of the most exciting and savage directorial debuts, in a very, very long time, as well as the finest bit of extreme cinema since Martyrs.
The story is simple and, for the most part, the action takes place in only one room. This works to keep the budget low, as well, as add a very claustrophobic feel to it. Cameron keeps everything tight and concise. The controlled environment remains intense throughout the film's duration. It doesn't take very long for the movie to start going and, once it does, it never really takes a break from the soul crushing grisliness of it all.
I usually love to tell you guys all of the splatter and gore content in a movie. However, this movie best works when you have no clue what is coming. All I will say is the violence is extremely graphic and does not hold back. Much of what transpires in the movie is boundary pushing. It will test your limits and will shock even the most jaded of gorehounds. Here Cameron's directing is at its most visceral presenting and shooting the violence in a most intense and gut-wrenching manner, making every bit of gore feel and look real.
In lesser hands, this may have come out as only a mindless case of goregraphy. However the movie touches on hot and controversial topics with bold abandon. The movie never plays it safe, nor is it afraid to make us question the morality of our lead characters. Never going for the politically correct or easy escape the movie is a shocker in the most true and pure sense. It also manages to serves as a social commentary on society's obsession with internet fame, and what some will do for it. As well, as a commentary on obsessive and psychotic fandom in general. Most of the time the editing is seamless, but at times it uses jump-cuts. This helps to give the movie a sometimes frantic feel and adds even more tension to what is happening on-screen.

All of this is further elevated by some excellent acting. The trio of drop-dead gorgeous women in this film, Cameron, Heather Dorff, and Devanny Pinn, all indie horror stars in their own right, are all excellent and are far more than just pretty faces. Like their equally talented male counterparts, they managed to give complex performances that run the gamut of emotions. Kudos, in particular, to Ryan Kiser, who as the antagonist, Derik, who is genuinely frightening and profoundly disturbing throughout.
Truth or Dare is an unflinching and truly harrowing movie. It's one of the most audacious and exciting directorial debuts in a very long time and sets up Cameron as a directorial force to be reckoned with. Gruesome and a true experience in hardcore splatter, in ranks among the best of extreme horror titles. It combines social commentary and a script that isn't afraid of going anywhere and couples it with excellent acting.

After a long and award-winning run on the festival circuit, it has finally hit DVD courtesy of Invincible Films. Directed by one its stars and starring two more indie horror ladies, this comes just in time for Feb, Women In Horror Month. Hence now, is the perfect to time to see the next movie that you will not stop talking. If you have the fucking guts to see, that is!
4 out of 4