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Title: Wasteland
Directed and written by: Graham Travis
Cast: Lily Labeau, Manuel Ferrara, Lily Carter, Carlo Carrera, Xander Corvus, Sparky Sin Clair, Proxy Paige, Liza Del Sierra, Tiffany Doll, Eric John, Sarah Shevon, Brian Street Team, Ramon Nomar, Mick Blue, Toni Ribas, David Perry
Studio: Elegant Angel 
Min: 117

All movie stills courtesy of Elegant Angel's Blog.

Lily Carter plays a girl who goes to visit her friend (Lily Labeau) in San Diego after not seeing her for five years. She is only going to stay there for the night and leave the next morning. Labeau takes Carter through her sexually adventurous life. As the story progresses, we learn more about both characters, and their friendship and lives are challenged. Loss, pain, sexual exploration, love, and true friendship all become major parts of this wild and emotionally charged night. 

In reviewing this movie, I wanted to look at it, for what it really is. A real movie that just happens to have hardcore sex in it. And, it's the best porno I have ever seen to succeed at this. In fact, it's unfair to just call it smut, as it would greatly undervalue it.

First off, much praise most go to both of it's beautiful stars. Lily Carter gives a tour-de-force performance. Those who falsely believe that a porn star cannot act should shut their fucking mouths and watch her. She gives such a moving and heartfelt performance, that during one particular bit of dialogue, I was actually moved to tears. She also happens to be absolutely stunning. Her beautiful greenish, blue eyes show levels of emotion that many mainstream actresses couldn't do on their best fucking day. Meanwhile, Labeau, who is also breathtaking (gotta love that sexy bush of hers!), gives us a great and powerful performance of a very complex character. Her character seems to be cold and shallow, at first, but as the movie progresses we see that there is so much more to her. This movie lives by these two beauties since, it's really a two character study, and with lesser girls it would've fallen apart.

Travis (Portrait of a Call Girl) directs the movie with style and class. It features beautiful cinematography, some great angles, and use of lighting and shadow. It also features masterful editing and a great soundtrack that adds so much to the proceedings. His script actually delves into life, death, growing up, changing, and most significantly friendship and love (as in actual love not "friend" love).

But, this film is an adult movie, and it greatly succeeds here, too. Aside from being very moving and sad, it is also very erotically charged. There are a total of eight scenes. If you watch the movie, the scenes are edited (but still very hardcore), to help the pace of the movie and move the story along. You can see the full scenes, on the second disc. But, even in this manner they are hot as fuck.

From the first one were Labeau sucks off a dude in the bathroom to the blistering four guys and both Lilys at the film's climax, this one packs some of the best fucking you'll see in a feature. And, while there is a nice amount of guy-girl action, there is a heavy emphasis on sapphic love, which shall always remain a preference of mine. There are two extremely, I mean extremely, hot scenes between both Lilys. These are passionate and feel real, which is THE way to do girl-girl action. It adds to the story (yes, a porn where sex adds to the actual plot, imagine that?), and makes their relationship all the more complex and emotional. Another smoldering lesbian scene occurs between Carter and the voluptuous Liza Del Seirra. The heat building up to the scene and actually lesbo fucking will have you reaching for your Kleenex. There is another hot lesbian scene with Sparky Sin Clair and Proxy Paige and two other tattooed porn hotties. But, this scene is pretty much cut out from the feature save for some nice girl-girl kissing. Go to disc two for that one!

Which brings us to that second disc. There you will find not only the extended sex scenes, but also two bonus scenes, from past Elegant Angel releases, one featuring Lily Carter and Lizz Tayler, the other one with Andy San Dimas and Lily Labeau. Both are lesbian, both are HOT!! Also included are podcast interviews with the stars and director, both worth listening too. Finally, you will also find the film's trailer and teaser.

The blu-ray looks fucking AMAZING, with natural skin tones and a great showcase of detail. Colors are vibrant and blacks are rich and thick.

In all, this is one of the best, if not the best, adult film, I've ever seen. It stands well able to compete and top most indie movies like (plot wise, I mean) this out there. It's a movie that will make your eyes tear up, as well, as your dick tear up. That's no mean feat there. And, while it will not appeal to those who dislike story or romance in their porn, it will definitely appeal to those who want more out of there erotic film viewing. A masterpiece.

**** out of ****