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Toy Fair 2013 Pt. 1

This was my 3rd year doing Toy Fair, and also the longest amount of time I ever spent there, as I ended up doing a whopping three days! Though, I must admit by day three my friends and I were kinda done with it... But, for the other two days, it was fun and great to see a lot of the toys. Here is the first of many reports:

Let's begin with some plush dolls, to show that this site isn't always blood, guts, and boobs. I must admit to loving Pokemon, back in the day. I still have a sort of soft spot for it. Enough so that I give you some Pokemon toys, from this booth, that surely will make fans of Pikachu and friends wanna "catch em all"!

In keeping with the cute video game theme, here is some Mario Bros. plush dolls at another booth.
 Gotta love that Bowser!!!

And, now on too some more booth specific reporting:

First off, there was the Kid Robot booth. These guys have some great high end toys. I actually left that booth wanting to buy some. Maybe I will someday. I know those of you who are fans of theirs don't need convincing to buy thier product, but here you go anyway:
The Cartman is based on an upcoming upcoming line, that in turn is based on a upcoming video game. The Homer is just fucking sweet!
One, of my favorite booths had to be The Loyal Subjects. These guys are doing awesome G.I. Joe and Transformers toys. There is no better way to get my geekgasm going, than with these two great franchises!!
The packaging on these little guys is similar to the classic toy packing of the Hasbro action figures. You won't know who you get when you buy one.
 But, I do know that I want the above hooded Cobra Commander!! COOOBBRRRAAA!!!!!!
Aww, Grimlock and Soundwave never looked cuter!
They ain't just doing these litte figures but tees and skateboards as well!! 
While, I don't skate, I do like skateboards. And, these are as fuckin cool as they get! Cobra Commander FTW!
 Megatron the Decepitcons' ruthless leader is one of the great shirts that they will be releasing!
I think this Soundwave one is my favorite, though. Soundwave is the communication's expert for the Decepitcons and has an undying loyality to Megatron.