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Toy Fair 2013 Pt. 2

One of the most impressive toys I saw all three days, was one I saw early on on Sun: this KILLER Batman 12" doll, from YesAnime. It's really quite impressive and based on a Jim Lee design. These pics don't do it justice as it's beautiful and fully articulated. Shit, even the cape is articulated!! It's like a fully possible statue! Amazing!! 
They also had some cute toys including a whole line of Spongebob, amongst their other lines.
 Spongebob no longer Squarepants!
 He wants to suck your blood!
 Damn! That Plankton can be a total dick sometimes, stealing crabby patties and whatnot!

They also have a series of upcoming Happy Tree Friends toys!! Gore and cute animal cartoons! Two things that go so fucking awesome together!! 
A splitting headache that aspirin ain't curing!

If your a fellow Dragonball Z fan, then you are gonna love these action figures from BanDai! All of them are out expect for Goku and Freeza. The posiblity is fucking incredible on these guys!
Mezco meanwhile, reminds us just how fuckin awesome Thundercats are. OK, I really don't need anyone to remind me, but I do need this Mumm-Ra statue!!

While, I have never watched Breaking Bad, I know it has lots of fans. All of which will be crapping themselves when they see these bad boys! Besides, everyone needs a meth dealer/ cooker to add their collection, right?
Just in case your girlfriend's teddy bear needs a good meth dealer!

And, now for my fellow horror fans, Mezco have a whole bunch of cool shit for lovers of the macarbe. 
 Universal and Mezco are kicking some serious ass with these toys!!
 Dear God, I WANT this Creature toy!! Too fucking awesome!!!!
 Mezco continues their line of Living Dead Doll, of course!
These Psycho Living Dead Dolls are coming soon. While Norman Bates is approved, the Janet Leigh figure is still waiting approval.

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