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Lelu Love, Hot Lesbian Action, & More at the Clips4Sale booth at AEE 2013

If I had to give the award for sexiest, wildest, and naughtiest booth at the Adult Entertainment Expo 2013, then it would have to go to Clips4Sale. The last two days at this booth, Friday and Saturday, things were heating up so much that it could top the hottest Vegas dessert summer heat!

Clips4Sale is an amateur, fetish site, where you can buy porn clips of just about anything and everything you could be looking for and/ or are into. So, their booth was a great representation of the varied fun to be had at their site. 

The fun began for me, anyway, when I spotted this gorgeous Asian babe on Friday and got a pic with her. Because where would this blog be without beautiful Asian girls? And, never mind this blog! Where would I be? 
As the day progressed, the heat-meter kept rising, as we got our first taste of HLA (Hot Lesbian Action). God, how I love lesbians! This fan, the lady in red, joined in on the sexy girl-girl fun.
One of the most beautiful and awesome girls at any booth had to be the gorgeous Lelu Love! Now, I already knew of this natural beauty from her Twitter, but seeing her in person is a breathtaking experience. She is truly stunning and one of the most beautiful girls at the whole, entire expo. She has a very sexy and fan friendly personality and is always smiling and clearly loves meeting and talking to the fans.

On top of that, I had the pleasure of trying out her site, when I got back to NYC, and it's awesome! I don't get to review a lot of sites on this blog, but I'm glad I did with this one. Lelu posts some GREAT fetish videos that will have you running through boxes of Kleenex. I give it my highest possible recommendation! Check it out here: http://www.lelulove.com/
On to some water/ wet T-shirt fun, which also gave us some boobs from the lovely lady partaking in it! Yay for water and boobs!!
Cory Chase was a sexy and naughty tease!!
But, it's Saturday when I had what might amount to the wildest time, I've ever taken part of at any convention (and that, dear friends and readers, is saying A LOT!!). Two beauties, a stunning tattooed brunette and the lovely and cute Tinslee Reagan, looked for lucky fans to get in some naughty fun with them. Being the interiped and daring reporter that I am, I volunteered. The brunette ended up sitting on my face(!!!!!!) while Tinslee sat on my crotch!!!! See the things I do for you guys!! This was heaven!! The brunette checked on me to see if I was alright, I guess she didn't want me to suffocate. Believe me I was!! As, the following pics, prove they had some good times, themselves, as they sat on me!
They were having a good time with each other before and after I or anyone else ever stepped in though!

Here are some pics that Tinless posed for. Her cute personality, and sexy ass(!), really shines through them!
And here are some of her and her partner in naughtiness:
But the following is when the HLA hit it's pinnacle of hotness, enough so that the expo had to shut the action down. And thus, breaking the hearts of all in attendance. No, simulated sex acts, they said! Boooo!!! Hiss!!!! Still, this is about a hot a video as I have ever shot, with no nudity!


Kim Dubuisson said...

Lelu Love!!!!!!!!

Giovanni Deldio said...

Yes! Lelu is gorgeous! She's also really fuckin awesome in person! :)