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Asa Akira Annouced as one the Co-Hosts at AVN Awards!!

Last night, I found out that AVN has picked the two co-hosts for next year's AVN Awards. That gorgeous pair was revealed to be: Jesse Jane and Asa Akira!!! Jesse has hosted it before, and she's always great at doing that. She has a wonderfully bubbly personality and is truly one of the biggest names in the entire industry.

Asa has long been one of my personal favorites, and, so to me, it came with great joy when I read the news. I met first met Asa a few years ago at the very first Exxxotica. I was floored by her beauty, but I really knew nothing about her back then. I quickly though became a fan, though. This fellow NYer did end up rising to the top of the industry. She's received multiple awards, all of which she deserves. Because, not only is she a vision of perfection, but my pick for Hot Asian Girl of the Month for October 2009 and last year's hottest babe of the year is also unquestionably a great performer. Her sex scenes in movies like Asa Akira Is Insatiable 1 & 2 are some of the finest you will EVER see!
But, what is perhaps the greatest thing about her, is how down-to-earth she remains. I've met her a couple of times and interviewed her twice, and she's always been someone who is fun, sexy, and sweet to talk. It's because of all these factors that I'm happy for her, and I hope that success continues for her. I'll be seeing her at the next Exxxotica show and hopefully at next year's AEEs. And, I cannot wait to see her host the AVN Award shows!!


Shtegara said...

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