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Hairy Twatter Is Coming

All pics come courtesy of DreamZone Entertainment.

Ever since I first heard about this upcoming DreamZone Hairy Twatter, a parody of the popular fantasy series Harry Potter, I have been very excited for it. It sounds and looks both funny and sexy as hell. I'm going to say this is one of my most anticipated adult releases in quite some time. 

DreamZone plans to release the movie this month. Directed and written by Jordan Septo, in what is his first time collaborating with DreamZone, this flick tells the tale of Hairy Twatter, who uses his magical powers to make hair grow on the bald twats of the girls who attened Whore's Wart's School for Witches & Wizard.  
The flick has a great cast, and I love the fact that the title and many of the character names are funny, something that I wish more parodies would do these days. It goes as this: Seth Gamble in the title role, Jessie Andrews (pictured to the left) as Hormone Granger, Tyler Nixon as Ron, Michael Vegas as Draco, Katie St. Ives as Hella Trix, Tara Lynn Foxx as Luder, Sammy Grand as Winey, Logan Pierce as Neville, and Nora Skyy (pictured above, right) as Janine (this character was made specifically for the parody).  
I'm a fan of the female cast and the concept is hilarious, I think! And, I just love me some bush!! Here is the SFW trailer: 


Maynard Morrissey said...

Hairy Twatter? LOL That's just hilarious :-D

btw, Giovanni. I'd love to more reviews of the XXX Horror parodies, but outside of USA it's not that easy to get to see them. Any idea? Would be fun if we could even do some double-reviews.

Hit me up on my email:

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

I watched the trailer and the dialog is really hard to listen to. Is this whole thing really just filmed in someones house? Because that’s what it looks like. And you couldn’t even get a red wig for Ron?

Also, why do companies kept putting non sex versions on the dvd? They're always like 10 minutes long at best. Whats the point?