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A Videodrome Remake?! Seriously?! WTF?!

Remakes are, sadly, nothing new these days. And, I always groan when I hear of a new one. But, this latest one is perhaps the worst I've ever heard. It certainly would rank as one of the worst movie news I've heard this year, if not in fact THE worst. The dumbasses at Universal are remaking David Cronenberg's horror/ sci-fi masterpiece Videodrome. Wait what?! 
Videodrome has long been considered one of Cronenberg's best films (some years ago I picked his best work, check out my list here: http://themastergio.blogspot.com/2008/08/top-5-david-cronenberg-films.html). While, he has gone decidedly mainstream, he was, at this point in time, one of horror's most exciting, intelligent, and original directors. Videodrome is certainly a prime example of this. It tells of the tale of Max Renn (James Woods) who discovers a channel where violence and S&M are aired. He is determined to fined the source. His investigation will lead to fetishistic sex, hallucinations, and, literally, mind-blowing violence.

Smart, violent, shocking, and sexy, the movie was a box office bomb, at the time. It was way to ahead of it's time. It's a deep movie with comments on sex and violence, the effect it may have on us, TV & media, the video age, and what is real and fantasy. The gruesome effects, coupled with the lovely Debbie Harry's naked body, help to further push the limits on it. Today the movie is considered a classic, and it's one that you cannot just see once. Each and every viewing is better than the last, hence it always remains a fascinating watch.

The remake, to be helmed by first time director Adam Berg, promises to be a large scale action sci-fi thriller. Huh?! Seriously?! Have these fuckers even seen Videodrome?! The net is filled with the rage of Cronenberg and horror fans who wanna beat Universal's asses for this terrible, terrible idea. At this rate, they are aiming for the level of shit of remakes like The Omen, The Fog, and Psycho. In short: FUCK YOU UNIVERSAL!