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The Dark Knight Rises

Title: The Dark Knight Rises
Director: Christopher Nolan
Writers: Jonathon and Christopher Nolan
Cast: Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Joesph Gordon-Levitt, Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard, Morgan Freeman

Eight years after the events in The Dark Knight, Gotham City is seemingly a better place. Batman, aka billionaire Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale), has taken all the blame for Harvey "Two-Face" Dent's crimes and has retired. In the meantime, to help Wayne Enterprises, he hands over power to the lovely Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard). But, a terrorist known as Bane (Tom Hardy) begins to terrorize Gotham City. Soon, Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) and Officer Blake (Joesph Gordon-Levitt), who has deduced who Batman really is, implore Bats to comeback. He is joined, sort of, by pretty cat burglar Selina Kyle, IE Catwoman (Anne Hathaway). But, after a brutal battle with the vicious Bane, Bats is left decimated and Gotham soon falls to Bane's might. Can the Dark Knight save Gotham City from doom?

This film has become a huge hit and is to be the end of the Nolan Bats trilogy. It's gotten a ton of props. But is it worth it? Well yes... And no.

First off, let me start with what I liked. And, that would be Bane. And, only Bane. Between this and Warrior Hardy has become with my favorite actors. He OWNS every scene he is. But, there in lies a major problem, as he is the only truly interesting character in the movie. Yes, even Bats fails to be truly captivating.

I also enjoyed the action scenes. One thing Nolan does much better than Burton ever did is he is much better at doing action scenes. There is a wild and exciting climax, as well as the the first encouter between Bane and Batman that hold your interest. But, other than that...

First off, comes the film's biggest issue which  is the focus on Gordon-Levitt's character. Why the hell should I care about this damn cop from Gotham City?! I paid to see a fucking Batman movie, not some fuckin cop flick. Don't get me wrong, Levitt is a good actor. Shit, (500) Days of Summer is one of my favorite movies, but seriously this is The Dark Knight Rises NOT (500) Days of Some Cop in Gotham City! There's a twist/ revelation/ ending with him that shits on DC's a character(s). Fuck that.

While, Hathaway is pretty she is too vanilla and lacks any real sexuality and edge to be Catwoman. Sorry, guys, but I haven't cared for her since she showed her tits in Havoc, this didn't change that. Oh, and Bale is a great actor, but there wasn't enough of him as Batman. This in a movie that is already TOO fuckin long!! On top of that Batman's recovery is ridiculous, to say the very least.

That said, I did enjoy it, well the parts that didn't piss me off/ annoy me anyway. And, I understand Nolan's universe is NOT the real DC Universe. That's fine. I like the firs two, but both, especially The Dark Knight, are better movies than this one. In that film the Joker and Batman are equally interesting. The same cannot be said here. A good film for sure, but not great, not by any stretch of the words. And, certainly NOT on the level of Marvel's The Avengers.

*** out of ****


Maynard Morrissey said...

I understand everyone who likes 1 & 2 more - however, I can't help it: I loved the hell outta TDKR and even think it's the best of the whole trilogy.
my trilogy-review's coming on Sunday :)