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Adventure Time Is the Greatest Time of the Day!

I have something to admit... I absolutely love Adventure Time!! It's become my favorite non-Adult Swim cartoon and with good reason. I started watching the show last year, after hearing good things about it. I ain't looked back since.

Created by Pendelton Ward , this fantasy toon airing on Cartoon Network is about Finn the human and his loyal dog and best friend Jake the dog, and, well, their adventures in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo. Finn is a 14 year-old human boy, who is a brave hero. Jake has magical powers and can grow, shrink, or stretch his limbs. The world is filled with various creatures, monsters, weird denizens, princesses, vampires, demons, wizards, and other cool shit. It's a crazy and silly world where anything is possible.

There are lot of fun and recurring supporting characters like the evil Ice King, the pretty Princess Bubblegum, or goth/ vampire babe Marceline. They all add to the coolness of the show, and there is actually a continuity of sorts, storyline wise. Plus, I love the fact that there is enough humor, themes, and action to keep away from being strictly for the kids. I wouldn't like it anywhere near as much if it was.

The writing is phenomenal on the show. It's smart, funny, and highly original. And, it's clear the writers love things like: video games, horror, fantasy (duh!), metal, and geek culture, in general. In fact, one needs only to go to any comic or anime con, and you'll see a bunch of people cosplaying as characters from the show. Last year, the Ice King was one of the best at NYCC.

It's been a huge critical and commercial success for the channel. So, of course, there is some great merchandise. I got the little figurine of Finn given out last year at NYCC, and just this past Sunday, I picked up, at Hot Topic, a cool light, blue tee with Jake in a pocket. Plus, also at Hot Topic, I got to, finally (!), get small plush doll of Jake. It looks so cute and you can hang him. At 9 bucks it's not a bad price. And, once you own it, you'll be happy you did pick him up!!! Now, I want, no NEED more Adventure Time merchandise!!

Still need more convincing of how awesome this show is? Here are vids to do just that:

A couple of new episodes have been airing as of late and my love for this show grows exponentially. What time is it? It's Adventure Time!!!!! And, I wouldn't have it any other way!!