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Chiller Theatre April 2012

Another Chiller has passed us by. But, what a time it was! While, I may not have gone up to as many celebs as I have in the past, I can tell you that I had the most fun, I ever have! And, I have been going to this event for years!

My friend Alan picked up Baldwin and I early in the morning. Then we met up with Pat. And, a little later I met up with Kristie, Kristin P., Mike, and Erika. This meant that at this Chiller, I had myself an entourage of the most awesome friends and fellow fans, ever!

The first celeb I went up to was the lovely Melina, former WWE women's champion. She was sitting there with the very sweet and beautiful Rosita of TNA. Rosita wasn't signing sadly, as she was just sitting in with her friend. Regardless, they both talked up a storm with Erika and me and were sweethearts. The internet loves to talk to talk shit, but I am here to say that Melina is so sweet and nice, in person. Both of them were.

The first celeb I actually payed to meet was Lilian Gracia, who has sung the National Anthem at WWE events and was/ sometimes still is a ring-announcer for them. She was also very sweet and friendly and happy to talk to us. We got a Polaroid with her.

The only other celeb I met was Maryam D'Abo who was one of my fav Bond girls growing up. She signed my DVD of The Living Daylights, which is easily my fav Timothy Dalton Bond film. She said she had never seen this release, in particular. I told her it was an older rerelease, 2007 to be precise, and that I had gotten it as a birthday gift.

Between the fun we had lunch, hung around the con, and bought lots of cool shit. I got myself a stunning Suspiria t-shirt from a guy who was selling his art. I have seen his art in Horrorhound and Rue Morgue magazines. Amazing! I also bought myself, a Blue Velvet tee. I saw that shirt at a horror tee site and wanted it as soon as I saw it. When, I spotted it towards the end of the con itself, when Kristin D. got herself a sweet Misfits tee, I had to buy it. It took them a while to find my size, but they eventually did. Rejoice!! I also got blu-rays of Zombie, Intruder, Thou Shalt Not Kill... Except!, and Frankenhooker. 

Finally the party came and we partied harder than anyone!! I mean we had a fucking blast!!!! And, of course the Dead Elvi kicked fucking ass.  At one point Bebe Buell joined them onstage. She has a great voice!!

In all, I had such a fucking blast that this one will go down in history. Cause, hanging with your closet and best friends at one of the best cons in the world is gonna always mean total and complete epicness!! Here's to the next one!!!