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The 2009 Bikini Edition

So, this is it loyal readers the last week of the last full month of summer. Weather wise this summer has sucked ass in New York. It's been rainy and humid. Still, I have had fun and plan to have more. Anyways, enough about me. This blog is my bikini blog! I figured this was my gift to you so, that summer does not have to end. After all, one of the best things about summertime is chicks in bikinis. Now, I know that Sport Illustrated puts out their Swimsuit Issue every year, but quite frankly I ain't cared about that mag in years. So, while I did not shoot any of these pics (although, it would be cool to do sometime); I think you will enjoy these greatly.

First off, we got Jamie Chung. Jamie is a big favorite of this blog, and on September 11th her new movie, which I have been discussing here for quite some time, Sorority Row opens up. As I already said, it also stars the gorgeous Audrina Patridge.

If we are gonna talk bikinis, then we gotta talk Vida Guerra. While, I ain't heard much of her much this year no ass looks better in, or out, of a bikini than hers.

I love wrestling. Well, OK it sucks now, but thank God for Gail Kim, the HOTTEST woman in wrestling! Remember when WWE used to the Diva magazines and DVDs? Well, with the whole lame PG-TV things that don't happen no more. But, I bring you a nice blast form the past, Trish Stratus!

While, I said that I don't care for supermodels much, nude models I love. Few are as beautiful as Aria Giovanni! Those curves on her are to die. The best part? They are all natural! Yay!

I do love Asian models, though, and this month's pick for hot Asian of the month is one of the hottest, Kim Lee: Seriously, don't you wish she hung by your pool? Come to think of it, it would be nice to have a pool, right about now...

Of course, what I really love are porn stars! And, I got a whole bunch for you! First off Sunny Leone, who I just talked about doing the Pornstar Workshop, here, in NYC. Is she Packers fan? Does it really matter? A fellow naturally busty babe, Gianna Michaels, is a favorite amongst many of you, I am sure. With curves like that how could she not be? One Gianna that gets a lot of love around here is Gianna Lynn. Looking like that how could she not? Tera Patrick is probably the most famous porn star, currently making movies. I send you all my love, too, Tera! Jesse Jane is another popular and yummy porn babe. Good God, Mariah Milano is so hot! Damn! Gina Lynn, Savannah Sampson, some other porn stars and Victoria's Secret model played bowling in bikinis: Uhm, how come this never happened at any blowing alley I ever been to?!

Now let's get back to my love for Asian women. Thanks to Attack of the Show, I recently discovered Mikie Hara: Those God-given boobs are AMAZING! Don't know the following models, but of course they are hot! Lucky tree: Two for the price of one: I I love gold:

And, now a random Playboy model:

Hope you all enjoyed/ continue this summer. And, above all stay safe.

(Latina) Bottoms up!

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