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The 10 Hottest Vamp Babes Ever

Vampires have long been one of the most popular creatures in horror, and now with TV shows and movies like the amazing True Blood and Thirst, the enjoyable Blood: The Last Vampire and The Underworld Trilogy, and sadly crap like Twilight, they are hotter than ever. Of course, one of the major and long lasting appealing factors that they have is their sexuality, something other creatures, like say zombies and werewolves (though they too have been sexualized) mostly lack. Vampire films are one of my favorite sub-genres in the horror film (my fav vampire film, by the way, is From Dusk Till Dawn) though, the overt romanticizing of them has gotten out of hand (I am looking at you Twilight, with you glittery, whimpy vampires!), there is always good stuff to be found. And, this list represents ten (well more like eleven) vamp babes that can suck my blood any night of the year!

10. Leonor Varela from BLADE II- - This beautiful Latina played the good vampire beauty that Blade falls for in the best entry in the series. Her beautiful tan skin, large beautiful eyes, and lovely face combine with her ass kicking abilities to make for the hottest vampire to come from south of the border.

9. Ingrid Pitt- Hammer Horror Actress- - Hammer Horror movies always featured some of the most beautiful and busty women to ever grace a gothic movie. They upted the sexuality level of the Universal films greatly. And, while there were many hot blood sucking babes, in thier films, none combined sex, hotness, and deadliness better than Ingrid Pitt. For proof, see her as she takes on the role of Countess Elizabeth Bathory in Countess Dracula or the lead villainess in the great adaption of sapphic vampire classic Carmilla known as the Vampire Lovers. She, dear friends and readers, she plays a lesbo vamp in that classic. Yum!

8. Anulka and Marianne Morris from VAMPYRES (tie)- - And speaking of lesbo vamps no movie on the subject is better than Vampyres. To me, this film is the definitive erotic horror film. While Morris is my fav of the two, former Playboy beauty Anulka is beyond stunning herself, and in the case of this film, I would feel weird if I only rated one. Honestly, getting killed by these two would not be that bad, now would it?

7. Sophia Santi from THE WICKED- - The nature of vampires makes them a good choice for a horror porno, and no vampire porno is better than last year's The Wicked. And, while that film has some beautiful blood suckers, the hottest has to be Sophia Santi. Naturally beautiful and exuding sex, it is hard not to love Ms. Santi, in particular, when Kaylani Lei dreams of Santi's character seducing her.

6. Lucy Liu from RISE: THE BLOOD HUNTER- - Lucy has to have one of the most beautiful faces and skin complexion in any woman, so I was very happy to hear her playing a vamp in this enjoyable but flawed little female take on Blade. Lucy looks great covered in blood and is always nice to see her kicking ass. Plus, she even has a quick lesbo tease with the gorgeous Carla Cugino. Worth seeing if only for the site of the ravishing Ms. Liu drinking hemoglobin.

5. Julie Benz from BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and ANGEL- - She is THE hottest woman ever in the Buffy/ Angel universe and when you consider the babes that have been on both series, that is saying a lot, and I do mean A LOT. Darla, her character, was the sire (IE the one who turns you) for Angel. On the show she played a villain, a victim, and mother to Angel's child. Benz's solid acting and sexiness were present through out her appearances. It was always a good thing whenever Darla popped on an episode!

4. Deborah Ann Woll from TRUE BLOOD- - Much like Buffy and Angel, True Blood (which at the rate this series is going might end up being even better than either two of those magnificent shows) also features a plethora of hot babes on it. But, my favorite is this young beauty, who plays a young vampire who is made by lead hero Bill Compton. Aside from being stunning Woll is amazing in her role. And, the show is so well written taking vampirism as something akin to a teen going threw all her natural changes. Which, of course she is, with the added issue of having to suck blood, of course!

3. Gianna Jun from BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE- - Based on the classic manga and anime of the same name, the truly beautiful Ms. Jun plays a gorgeous half vampire who kicks undead ass. The film itself, though quite enjoyable, has it's flaws. But, none of those flaws have anything to do with Jun, who looks stunning throughout and looks awesome whooping some behind.

2. Kristanna Loken from BLOODRAYNE- - Based on the fun video game of the same name Uwe Boll's flick might be hated by many, but I enjoy it as a great it's so bad so good film. Regardless, of your opinion of the movie, I don't think you will argue this: Loken is hot. And the site of her nude, having sex, drinking blood, kicking ass, etc. is quite nice. In fact, she is so hot, that she distracts one from what is going on. Which, I guess for you non-fans of this film, might be a good thing.

1. Kim Ok-Bin from THIRST- - Up until seeing Chan Wook Park's magnificent Thirst, I though Loken was the hottest vamp ever. Nope, not anymore. That honor now goes to the number one babe on this list the jaw droppingly beautiful Kim Ok-Bin. She has such a beautiful face, gorgeous almond shaped eyes, and a beautiful, sometimes nude body. Her acting is also great being sexy, sweet, dangerous, loving, seductive, manipulative, deadly, etc. A great actress playing a great role in one of the greatest vampire films I ever seen.

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