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Drowning in Bitch Juice 2

Title: Drowning in Bitch Juice 2
Studio: Gina Lynn Productions
Cast: Gina Lynn, Katarina Kat, Mya Gates, Akira, Cassie Young, Gianna Lynn

Gina Lynn directs and stars in most of the scenes in this red-hot all girl film. The first scene is a solo scene with Gina, and it's a nice intro.

The next scene has two Lynns in one scene! Yay! Gina and, my absolute favorite babe ever, Gianna Lynn, have done some shoe and lingerie shopping. And, it leads to a hot fucking scene! Gianna is an absolute goddess, while Gina is a babe. With names and looks like this this scene is just a wonderful idea. I love the way that Gina dominates Gianna. Sexy and recommended.

The next scene is fucking amazing. Personal favorite Akira (aka Asa Akira) watches a Gina Lynn porno. When, Gina comes home and catches her doings so; she decides to give her a lesson. There is a great amount of heat between both girls. Some excellent use of the double dildo further smolders the screen. There is a lot of dildo sucking and kissing (both of which I love to see). It's a hot and nasty scene that is one of the best lesbo scenes I ever had the pleasure of watching. This one will take multiple viewings for you to watch cause, it is that damn hot! Stock up on your tissues! Needless to say this the best scene on the DVD.

Next we get Maya Gates and Cassie Young getting it on. There is no set up, but you won't fucking care cause it is so damn hot! It's a sexy good time. Cassie has great legs! There is a LOT of kissing! Score! It leads to a little to much toy play, but it is still a good time.

Gina returns for the next one, as we meet Katarina Kat, whose hubby (who is Puerto Rican, we learn) likes to see her hook up with Puerto Rican chicks, hence Gina is here to the rescue! It starts off really sexy and hot, with a lot of nice kissing. The scene is then bogged down a bit with a little too much toy play, but again, it's still good stuff.

Our final scene is another solo with Gina. I fucking love the way she sucks a dildo!

The DVD also features an enjoyable behind the scenes featurette and some decent trailers to other Gina Lynn flicks. The movie was shot in HD and is anamorphic 16 x 9 widescreen. It looks fucking amazing, and the sound is fucking great, too. All in all this is a very, very good all girl movie that is more than worth your cash. Go get it, now!

4 out of 4 Woodies

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