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Random Hotness VIII: Hotness takes the Net

This is one of those months where I give you TWO blogs of random hotness! See what I do for you, loyal reader?!

Olivia Munn- Of course, the talk on the net has been that geek goddess, and favorite of this blog, Olivia Munn is in Playboy this month! Or should I say for two months, as this is a double month issue. I guess Playboy must be selling like shit to be doing a double month thing. But, that ain't the point of this post. Olivia looks GORGEOUS! But, here is the catch... She is NOT nude! Seems as the Playboy gang came to her to pose nude, but she refused. They needed her badly though, and gave her the chance to be in the mag without showing any naughty bits. Why? Cause, they probably know the loyal following she has amongst us geeks. This is great for Olivia, as she gets more coverage and exposure, which she clearly deserves, in my book. But, it only makes Playboy look more lame than usual. Here are examples of the pics:

Seriously, why not just pose for Maxim, if there won't be any nudity? Final analysis: Olivia is HOT, Playboy is still lame as shit!

Megan Fox- Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens today. I enjoyed the first film and am a HUGE Tranformers geek, so I look forward to seeing it next week, with my friends. But, let's talk about the lovely Ms. Fox , OK? She is getting a lot of press, but for once, this is a Hollywood starlet I don't mind it with. In fact, I demand more ! As, I have said in the past, and it has been all over the media, she is bi! She is being compared to fellow bi-hottie Angelina Jolie , a lot, as of late. I like them both, but I give the edge to Megan. What about you guys, or gals, who do you like more? Regardless, she admits to having a thing for Jolie, to which I say: YUM!!!!!!!!

Sasha Grey- Two weeks ago I saw The Girlfriend Experience starring the lovely Sasha Grey. This is a wonderfully, beautifully shot film from director Stephen Soderberg. Sasha gives a great performance as Chelsea, a high class call-girl, who gives "the girlfriend experience" to her clients, i.e. she goes on "dates" with them, sort of like an actual girlfriend. My fellow Sasha fans should see and support this movie. I see a great future for her both in mainstream and adult films. Plus, I think this movie might make my year end list for best films of the year, at the end of the year.
Here is an interview with her about the film:

Asian Poses- Ever since Olivia Munn mentioned this site on her blog, I been addicted to it! Basically, cute Asian do cute Asian poses. Examples:

How can you not love this site?! Best site, ever, I think! The site has been challenging readers, to do the poses, as well. A couple of the takers on the challenge are hot, too! Yay! Check out my latest obsession here: http://asianposes.com/

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