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Plowing Mud Forever Live: May 30, 2009

Last Saturday on May 30, 2009 alt-metal band, and good friends of mine, Plowing Mud Forever performed at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. This the first time I seen them live since Wally left the band, and they became a power trio.

The Cameo Gallery has a stage where bands play live. I really liked the giant, shaggy thing that hung above the band! Cool and sort of trippy!

The band played a nice set of kick ass songs and rocked the place! Of course, with them now being a trio, they had to improvise a little, with some cool little bass solos thrown in and other nice changes that kept classic songs sounding fresh and catchy in new ways. The also debuted some new songs, all of which were really fucking cool. Since, the night before, May 29, was my birthday, the band mentioned me on stage and wished me a happy birthday. That was awesome of them. Thanks guys, you all fucking rule!

In all this was a rocking, heavy concert, and I look forward to their next show!

All pictures by me (Giovanni Deldio)

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