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Random Hotness VII: The Hot Blood

Vicky Vette- It's time for you, my dear readers, to give a hand and a vote for one of the loveliest and most awesome porn babes out there, MILF extraordinaire, Vicky Vette. Vicky's website , Vicky at Home, is up for a FAME Award. Go to this site (http://www.vote4vette.com/) and vote for her site!
And, one more thing, be sure to check out her blogsite. She always has cool stuff up on there.

Mariah Carey- OK, before you all flip out, no I am not, nor will I ever be a fan of her music. Sorry, not my cup of blood. But, she is hot. And, she does have a smoking body. Though, her taste in men is questionable. But, regardless these pics should justify her being on this blog. Just check out the cleavage in them!

Burning Angel- My fav porn company is launching their own porn mag! Porn mags are mostly a dead forum, just look at the financial troubles that Playboy (OK, they suck ass, but that is regardless of the point, I am trying to make) is going through. But, if anyone can make a quality porn rag then it would be BA. I love girls with tats and rocker, punk, and metal chicks, and BA has the best of them. That and their leader Joanna Angel is both beautiful and smart. I am sure she will do a good job. And, yes I will have to read this mag! And, to remind you of the hotness of BA here is a pic I took a few years ago at one of their early Adult Drawing parties.

Smith Cho- She was on the new Knight Rider , which is NOT getting renewed. Did any of you watch this? I am sure it was lame, but she was in the comedy Fired Up , which does look good either. But, I think this Korean babe is gorgeous. Hope, she does some good stuff in the near future.

Random Hot Asian Girls- For your viewing pleasure:
This girl is simply beautiful and those BOOBS! Wow!

This next hottie is Roen Kadena. She is a Japanese model and is HOT! Look at that BODY! Truly incredible! Those boobs and that ass are proof that there is a God!

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