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Hot Asian Girl of the Month- Moon Bloodgood

With Terminator: Salvation having premiered a few weeks ago, I thought that this was the perfect time to make the ravishing and delicious Moon Bloodgood our Hot Asian Girl of the Month!

Korinna Moon Bloodgood (her full name) was born on September 20, 1975 in Anaheim, California. Her father is of Dutch and Irish descent and her mom is from South Korea (hence the middle name Moon). She first started off as a Lakers girl (cheerleader, yum!).

In 2002 she moved on to acting with her first role which was in TV series Just Shoot Me. Her first movie role was in Win a Date with Tod Hamilton! One of the earliest times I noticed her was when I totally fell for her in the action packed and ultra-violent Viking flick Pathfinder.

Maxim have clearly noticed what a goddess she is. She appeared on the June 2009 cover and had some HOT pics, inside. And, she has ranked in their Hot 100 list since 2005. This year was her highest ranking at a very deserved #20! Here she is at the Maxim hot 100:

In fact this year has been a great year for her. She had a role in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li as a sexy, Thai cop . It was kind of hot to hear her talk some Thai in this movie. And, of course, she's in the new Terminator film. Now, I ain't seen that film yet, but it is getting mixed reviews from fans and critics. And, it is under performing at the box office. I LOVE the first two and enjoy the third one. But, I will wait for the DVD release to see this one. To achieve the lame PG-13 rating this film cut out a nude scene of hers! I mean, what the fuck?! Moon is hot! We need some nudity from her!

Moon talks about the movie and other stuff in this fun interview with Craig Ferguson for the Late, Late Show. Look at those amazing legs! Even Craig is clearly distracted by them!

If you want more Moon (and, what man in his right does not want more Moon?), you should go visit her official myspace: http://www.myspace.com/moon_bloodgood

Moon Bloodgood is a stunning actress. Her sexy, exotic features, hot body , beautiful face
, breathtaking eyes, and those aforementioned delicious legs make her one of the most smoldering hot women in Hollywood, today. And, a true welcome change from the countless of interchangeable and forgettable blonde bimbettes that over populate the screen.

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