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Tight & Asian 5

Title: Tight & Asian 5
Studio: Devil's Film
Cast: Lucy Thai, Nyla Thai, Hiedi Ho, Avena Lee, and Mila Yung

One of our two lovely cover girls, Lucy Thai, stars in the first scene. She is really beautiful and gives a great BJ. It's a good scene, with some nice anal action. Towards the end our other cover girl, the lovely Nyla Thai (yes, loyal readers, they are in fact hot Thai sisters!!!!!!) looks on and fingers herself. No, she don't join in, but fear not we'll get porn action from her later on. Lucy gets an anal creampie and then licks off of the carpet the splooge that drips out of her yummy ass. Extremely hot!!!!!!!

Next we get Mila Yung, who may not be the prettiest girl here, but she is really sexy and slutty. Your pants will like her, trust me! She, too, gives a good blow-job. The facial she gets is good. In all, this is a nice and sexy scene.

Following that is the cute Hiedi Ho. It is just an OK scene, but it does have it's moments. She is really pretty, and it ends with the dude blowing a load in her mouth. Then, he blows another load on her face. Not sure if this is the same dude, but I can assure you that the dude who blows a THIRD (yes, you read that right) load on her face is NOT the same guy. You really won't care, though, as the end result is pretty hot.

The most beautiful girl in this movie is Avena Lee. She stars in our forth scene. This happens to be the second best fuck in the whole movie. Avena is one of my personal favorites and it is so easy to fall in love with her. I mean look at her body and her face. Simply stunning! Anyways, this good little scene ends with a hot facial, after which she blows a kiss to the camera. I simply love her!

Finally, they saved the best for last. Sexy Nyla Thai (see I told you she would come back) takes on two dudes. It's a really good and fucking hot threesome. The double facial she gets ends this quality strokefest really nicely.

While the third scene is only OK, the other scenes are all good quality porking. But, as I said, even Ho's scene is still well worth checking out. In all, this is a nice porn flick that lovers of Asian girls will surely enjoy.

The picture quality is excellent and the sound is good. We get a nice slide show, as well as trailers to some movies I really could give a flying fuck about. Actually, they also have stills to other films, which looked more interesting that the stuff they had actual trailers for. Oh, well, whatever, the movie's is damn good. And, that is all that really matters!

3 1/2 out of 4 Woodies

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