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Horror Crush: Brooke Theiss

Today on Horror Crushes I am going with one of Freddy Kruger's prettiest victims, the blonde and beautiful Brooke Theiss! While, I mentioned her in an all blonde edition of Horror Crushes, it is time to make it official and induct her in by herself.
Thesis was born on Oct. 23, 1969 (making her 46) in Palos Verdes, California. Her first role was in 1988's Little Nikita, but I know her from her breakthrough role in A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 4: The Dream Master released the same year. In that sequel, Freddy kills part 3's  Kristen (pretty Tuesday Knight replacing Patricia Arquette). He uses her friend Alice (the gorgeous Lisa Wilcox), who Kristen has passed her dream powers to, to enter the dreams of her friends. He needs her as those kids aren't the original Elm Street teens (IE the kids of the parents who immolated him), and he can't enter their dreams without using her. Theiss plays tough 80s babe, Deb.
Deb is a total 80s hottie with big hair and studded accessories. That right there sealed the deal for me as a little kid, since I have always liked rocker girls. Deb is into working out and has a fear of bugs. So naturally Freddy kills her in a manner that combines both things. As she is working out, Freddy breaks her arms by pushing the weights down on her. Roach legs comes out and replace her forearms, which fall to the floor. Eventually, she is turned into a complete roach that is stuck in a roach motel. Freddy then crushes it resulting in goop pouring out. It all amounts to the movie's most spectacular, gruesome, and memorable death. It is a fan favorite and years later would even get it's own figure (left).

Following the amazing third installment, Dream Warriors, which is the finest slasher sequel, ever, Dream Master is a solid, though not as great flick. Fun and imaginative it made more than $49.3 million in the US at the time of its' release. It remained the highest grossing film in the franchise till Freddy Vs. Jason came out years later. Thesis was a huge crush of mine back then, along with the beautiful and aformentioned Lisa Wilcox (you can see both beauties below), who played final girl Alice, making this one pretty special for me growing up. Thesis is quite good and likable in her role. It's one of the things ANOES had over Friday the 13th sequels: better and more likable characters, in my opinion, anyways.
While, not horror, in any way, shape, or form sitcom Just the 10 of Us, debuted the same year and had her star opposite of another ANOES alumni, the original and Dream Warriors star Heather "Nancy" Lagenkamp. I had a crush on both, and despite my still remaining hatred of sitcoms, this is one I had to watch! I don't remember anything about it, though, other than the girls were hotties.
Theiss returned to horror and the Freddy franchise by appearing in the superlative 2010 documentary Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy, where she talked about her role as Deb in part 4. And, she looked gorgeous!!!! She does horror conventions looking more beautiful than ever (the first pic all the way at the top of this article is a recent pic that I found online), though, sadly, I have yet to meet her, as she hasn't done one that I frequent. Brooke, please, do Chiller or Monstermania, please!
Blonde, tall, and blue-eyed, Brooke Thesis may not have done a lot of horror flicks, but her inclusion in the Nightmare franchise is one of the most memorable in the series and one of my biggest crushes growing up. So it is with great pleasure that I officially add Brooke Thesis to this site's Horror Crushes!