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Heaven Shall Burn- Wanderer (Album Review)

Musician: Heaven Shall Burn
Album Title: Wanderer
Genre/ Subgenre: Melodic death metal/ Metalcore
Label: Century Media
Release Date: Sept. 16, 2016

The eighth studio album from extreme metallars Heaven Shall Burn, Wanderer, is a groove laden juggernaut sure to get the pit wild with fury. From the opening to the end this hook laden, catchy, yet heavy and badass release is a complete pleasure to hear.

The album opens with the rolling attack of "The Loss of Fury". From there we go to the thundering "Bring the War Home" which brings the ass kicking home. The blistering "They Shall not Pass" has a Slayer meets groove based heaviness and melody that really makes it stand out. With a furious machine gun opening "Prey to God" is filled with venom and anger and is one of the album's very best track, if not in fact, its best. "Agent Orange" is the type of furious assault that will make you wanna mosh even if it's just you chilling in your room. "Save Me" has a beautiful intro that leads into an emotional, dark, and still heavy song. In fact, every song here is a winner with no throwaway tracks.

Sure, Wanderer doesn't break any new ground. But, it doesn't have to. This is quality and adrenaline filled piss and vinegar metal with a few moments of beauty and melody. It's an album that prove that Heaven Shall Burn still burn and destroy everything in their path.

4 out of 5