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THE BEST OF SEX AND VIOLENCE (1982) (Full Moon DVD Review)

Title: The Best of Sex and Violence
Director: Ken Dixon
Frank Ray Perilli
John Carradine, Laura Jane Leary, Angela Aames, Davis Carradine, Keith Carradine,
Year: 1982
Min: 76
DVD Released by: Full Moon

This early 80s compilation from producer Charles Band has horror legend John Carradine host a bunch of exploitation trailers. The movies featured all have sex, violence, or both, of course!
John Carradine makes for a likable and funny host. The dialogue written for him by Frank (Mansion of the Doomed) Ray Perilli is witty and funny. It is also, much like the movies featured here, decidedly not very PC, which is perfectly fine by me. There is a tongue and cheek quality here that makes it all very fun. One wonders what Carradine was thinking hosting this admit ably sleazy collection of clips, especially considering he didn't seem very fond of being linked to horror (see the interview on the extra features of The House of Seven Corpses for proof). This probably just amounted to a paycheck for him and that's all.
The movies included in here run the gamut of biker, blaxplotation, softcore, sex comedies, action, women in chains, and horror movies. They include such titles as: I Spit on Your Grave, Alice in Wonderland, Tanya's Island (which, by the way, tells the of the love triangle between a hot chick played by the late, great Prince protege Vanity, a dude, and a large, hairy ape beast...), The Boogeyman, The Disco Godfather, Emaunelle Around the World, Bury Me an Angel, Terminal Island, and more.
The cover features a young Brinke Stevens, who would go on to become a legendary scream queen. While, the cover image promises that Night of the Living Dead is here; it ain't. Maybe it got it confused with The Twilight People (below)?

Band seemingly found a very old, shitty VHS tape and just transferred that to DVD, as the quality here is godawful. There is NO remastering whatsoever. In fact, I used to own some VHS tapes that looked better than this. The sound is barely adequate and even that might be a case of me being too nice. The only extras are a Charles Band Grindhouse Intro and a Grindhouse Featurette, all of which can be found in any of the other Full Moon Grindhouse Collection releases.
Still, despite the shit quality, this is fun and enjoyable. It's a blast to see Carradine present such sleaziod flicks and deliver fun one-liners. The cameo at the end by his sons, David and Keith (left), add to the pricelessness of it all. If you are a fellow fan of sleazy B-movies and trailer collections, and can find this cheap, get it!

Movie: 3 out of 4