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What Halloween Means to Me (From Son of Celluloid)

First off, I have spent Thurs- Sun at New York Comic Con. I was extremely busy with that. In the following weeks you will see the tons of pics I got, as well as the interviews with Tera Patrick, Adrianne Curry, and Linda "Vampy BitMe" Le. Anyway:

In continuing with this month's horror theme, I would like you to read the essay that I sent to Son of Celluloid's What Halloween Means to Me for bloggers to guest appear on. He's been featuring different ones, for last few days and mine was up recently. I wasn't able to post it earlier cause of the aforementioned NYCC. I've talked up Son of Celluloid before cause it really is one of my fav blogs. Nathan Hamilton, who's blog it is, is an awesome guy who loves metal, horror movies, and pro-wrestling. In other words his taste kicks ass! Anyway, here it is, hope you enjoy it, as it really came from my heart: http://sonofcelluloid1.blogspot.com/2012/10/what-halloween-means-to-me-day-6.html