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Hot Asian Girl of the Month: Asami Sugiura

Since it's October, I figured the Hot Asian Girl of the Month should be someone who has starred in her fair share of horror movies. So, I give to you the beautiful Asami Sugiura (AKA Asami Miyjima and simply Asami).

She was born in Tokyo, Japan in Sept. 19, 1985. She is 5.25 feet tall.

She made her acting debut at age 19 in Kiss Me or Kill Me. Then, in March 2005, she appeared in a gravure (non-sex) video called Wash Me. She made her AV (adult video) in April 2005 in In Love. She did many adult videos, but gained a larger world-wide, cult following due to her work in splatter films.

Her first of these films was the silly and wonderfully exploitative Sukaban Boy from Noburo Iguchi. She reteamed with the director for his best and best known movie, the ultra-gory The Machine Girl. This is one of my favorite films, and the best in this sub-genre I feel. It was also the first time I saw her. Man, I fell in love immediately!!!

Another one I really liked from her was the wild and over-the-top sex and gore filled horror-comedy Horny House of Horror. Sadly, this one ain't on region 1 DVD or blu-ray, even though my friend and I saw it last year at the Asian film festival in NY. I definitely need to see her other gore flicks! If any of you have seen them, let me know which other ones you liked or didn't for that matter.
Asami is simply gorgeous! She has a nice face with beautiful big, almond eyes. She also has a hot body with nice sized boobs, hot legs, a cute ass, and a sexy bush. It's easy to see why Asian girl loving horror fans such as myself, love her so much! 


Steel Rod said...

I greatly approve of this month's selection! Not only is she cute, but feisty too! Horny House of Horrorneeds to be released in the U.S.?

Giovanni Deldio said...

Thank you! I agree!! We need some Horny House of Horror!!

Ash said...

I think they are all cute and hot. <3

xhane said...

Correct! I totally AGREE! well I'm not Lesbian but I am a huge fan of Asami! because of Sukeban Boy and Machine Girl! Damn, so hard to find copies of her movies here in the Philippines, on the internet too sooo f'n difficult to hunt such torrents. THANK YOU FOR SHARING!

Giovanni Deldio said...

No problem, Xhane! It's my pleasure! Always good to hear from the fans! :D