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NYCC 2012 Day 1, Pt. 1- Toys, Statues, and More!

All photos are courtesy of Negative Pop and myself.

 From October 11-14, 2012 New York Comic Con made its highly anticipated yearly return to the Big Apple at the Jacob Javits Center. I was there all four days covering the event. I got lots of pics and cool stuff to put up and will be doing so over the next few days and weeks. I already put up an interview with Vampy Bit Me. But, this is the first of many single day coverage. I'm gonna focus on toys and statues on this one with some random fun thrown in for good measure.

Video games were the call of the four day event, and with people playing a dance game throughout the whole time. But, this ass was the most memorable one to be shaking.

Let's begin my toy coverage with some awesome Legos!
 Meanwhile, in the Hall of Justice!
 This just ruled! =D

And, now some of my other favorite toys and statutes, that I saw that day.

 There were so many AWESOME Godzilla toys!! Like this Destroyah!

 If you love me you will get me this Supergirl statue! :P
 I love Death and hot goth chicks, in general. :)
 Fucking AWESOME!! Best Statue of the entire week!!!
Uh, WTF happened to Conan here? LOL!
 NYCC exclsuive from Mattel of Teela as the Soreceress
 NYCC exclusive from DC of this wacky Batman.
 Look at how long Mekaneck's.... neck is!
He sucks... blood!! Mosquitor from the Evil Horde!
The only exclusive I bought that week was the Harrison's blood-spattered Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead.

Unlike last year, where we couldn't even find him, we got a pic and met Chris Hardwick the very first day! We told him about last year, and he was like, "first day this year!" He's freakin' awesome!!!

I also had my spotlight on the red carpet! But, in all seriousness, I got some really cool and sexy stuff coming up from NYCC! So be sure to stay tuned!