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Exclusive: Vampy Bit Me at NYCC 2012

All photography comes courtesy of Negative Pop and BAS Photography. 
Video by BAS Photography

I've known the lovely Linda "Vampy Bit Me" Le for the absolute longest of time on the net. She's a cosplayer (my personal favorite cosplay to be precise), that's heavily into cool things like superheroes, anime, video games, and heavy metal. We've talked metal, horror, and other cool geek things tons of times online, but we had never met in person. Last year at NYCC I couldn't even find her.
Flash  foward to this year's NYCC where we finally met on Satruday! She was working at the Triforce booth and doing cosplay as DC Comics' Nightwing. As comic book fans know, he was the first Robin and when he left Batman he became this hero. Anyway, aside from being beautiful, she is also extremely sweet and awesome in person! This following interview was so much fun to conduct!! It took place the next day, which also happened to be the very last day of NYCC, Sunday.