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Halloween at Duffs

For those of you wondering what I did for Halloween (which is my fav holiday, of course), well I spent at my favorite bar in the world, Duffs in Brooklyn!

I met up with Josh, and we headed in. I knew that Paul Booth and Mistress Juliya where gonna be at Duffs that night. And, so it was added incentive to go there.

Anywho, Lee-Anne and Tracy looked really cool as zombies.

There were a lot of cool costumes. One of my favs was the zombie bride, Kim. She was with her boyfriend, and they were pretty cool to talk to. I just wore my hokey mask again, cause I never got around to getting myself a costume. Which is the same thing I ended up doing last year at Laurie Ann/ Wally's birthday/ pre-Halloween party at Duffs. Next year, I promise something better.

Anywho, they were a cool couple and the other couple I met that day, were cool, too. The girl, from the second couple, had a really sexy outfit. We kind of all just hung, shot the shit, and rocked out to the awesome metal tunes of Slayer, Motley Crue (Shout at the Devil!), and whatever else was blaring and kicking ass on the world's greatest jukebox!

Anyways, getting back to the costumes, I saw some guy dressed as Run from Run DMC, a pre-resurrection Jesus, a post resurrection Jesus (with scars!), Lemmy, etc. One of my favs was Patrick Bateman from cult fav American Psycho. It was cool cause we all ended up talking about horror movies, which is always awesome in my book!

As, I said before Juliya was there. I have met her many times, but me thinks this is the hottest she has ever looked. Hail Satan!

Anyways, I had a blast and was getting pretty drunk. This might be my most fun Halloween, yet! Even better than last year!

On a side note, last year I went to the Village parade. We got crushed by some d-bag, and I now bestow this bit of knowledge on you: DON'T got to the Village Halloween Parade, unless your goal on Halloween is to be crushed (along with whoever came with you), cold, annoyed, and pissed off. Watch it at home on NY1 or, better yet, go do something else, like go to fucking Duffs!!!!!!!!

Hope you all had a happy, fun, and safe Halloween!!!!!!