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Gianna Lynn on Pirates II and More

As I have mentioned here on various occasions, I believe Gianna Lynn to be one of the most beautiful women, I ever seen, as well as one of my absolute fav porn stars. She is a really nice and sweet person to boot, and, thus, I love to give her my support. And, so this feels like about the right time to do a little Gianna Lynn update for you guys.

First off, last week, on Halloween, the latest movie to feature Ms. Lynn was released. It's a horror/ porno called The Vampiress . It also stars Audrey Bitoni, who talked a little to me about the film for the Gorezone.net, not too long ago. Anyways, I ain't gotten around to getting this one, but needless to say the prospect of Gianna as a vampire is a HOT one!!!!!

Recently, the ravishing Ms. Lynn gave an impassionate review on Pirates II: Stagnettis Revenge, here. I think this is the greatest review in the history of mankind! In all seriousness, though this is hot stuff, as she signs the film's praises and masturbates at the same time! It's sexy all the way, but don't be a dumbass and watch this one at work, m'kay? By the way, I myself still need to see this movie, but I been looking at the extras. I have to say that this is one of the best DVD releases of the year, porn or otherwise.

Finally, I found a vid of Gianna, from this 2008 Las Vegas Adult Expo. She comes off as sweet, sexy, and amicable, which she really is:

Gianna Lynn fucking rulz!