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Chiller Theatre- Oct. 25, 2008

On October 25, 2008 we went to the always awesome Chiller Theatre. Along with Exxxotica NY this remains THE best con in the world. Not the NY Comic Con and certainly not Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors.

This time it was Alan, Aisha, Matt, Rachel, and, of course, yours truly. Yeah, I know the group always changes, but whatcha gonna do? Anywho, we got there, and met up with our friend, Pat.

After checking in the hotel, we went in to the con. I should mention that weather sucked ass that day, as it was raining, and this was THE most packed Chiller, ever. It also had the most and biggest guests, ever. So much so that they bought back the tent! I ain't seen that since Chiller moved to this hotel! Anyways, our first stop was the tent.

There we saw the beautiful and sexy Tiffany Shepis, who did remember us! Considering we drank that bad vodka with in May; it is hard to forget us! Anways, she was cool, fun, and friendly like always. I bought a copy of Slumber Party Slaughterhouse, which she signed. I wanted to pick this one up, since it has her AND Joanna Angel and, as I would later learn, a bunch of other Burning Angel girls! Score! Goddamn, is Tiff a hottie!

Next up was the ravishing Josie Lee. I been dying to meet her for a while, I missed her last year in Oct., but I would not miss her again! She looks AMAZING in person! And, she was so sweet and personable. She talked to me and told that the outfit she had on that day is the same one she wore in Peach Ultra Vixens: Asians, which I bought from her so she could sign. It was really a pleasure to meet her, and she has won herself a fan for life in me. Josie Lee rulz!

Another person I wanted to meet was Richard Hatch. I love his role as Tom Zareck in the new Battlestar Galatica. So, I had to get him to sign my DVD of the first season. I told how much I loved his role, and he came off as very gracious. Really nice guy.

Another person I had to meet was Catorina MacCall. You see The Beyond is one of my fav films ever. I also had a major crush on her when I saw the film as a college student. I told her she was one of my fav genre actresses and that The Beyond is one of my fav films, ever. She too, was very sweet and gracious. She signed my copy of said film.

Next the Wolfpac (that would be me- G-Pac, Alan- The Lone Wolfe, and Matt- Big Sexy) met Big Sexy Kevin Nash. He signed my nWo DVD , and we got a group pic with him. This after Matt introduced us as the Wolfpac, our gimmick names included! Nash must thought we were total dorks! But he was still cool as hell!

After doing some shopping, we got some food. I then went off to meet Erica Smith, who I had not met before. She was so beautiful! She was sitting with Misty Mundae, who I have met a shitload of times. They signed my newly bought copy of Shock-O-Rama.

As always I bought a shitload of movies and stuff: Flower and Snake, Rika, and The Tokyo Shock triple Feature (Japanese Hell, Cursed, and Samurai Chicks), as well as the Cobra HISS Tank Driver, that I needed.

By the way, I must say it was very cool to hang with Pat, when he is dressed as Dr. Satan. People love to come up to him for pics and shit, including many a hottie!

There were lots of cool costumes at Chiller, but most I saw at the party. But I did stop this one hottie, who is the HOTTEST Princess Leia, I ever seen! Maybe, even hotter than Olivia Munn, maybe... Oh yeah, if you are wondering why have glasses on, well, I was feeling a little sick. But, worry not I felt better soon after!

As always is the case, the Chiller party owned! As I said before the party had some cool costumes. Check out the Batman villains. Freddy tried to kill me! The party was so awesome even Sarah Palin got in on the fun! I think these pics would do wonders for their campaign! Which reminds me I need to see that porno Nailing Palin! My friend Victor went as Charles Manson. Anyways, since I ran into him, I also ran into my friend Ruby LaRocca. but, by that point I was drunk and she was wearing a blonde wig. So, I did not recognize her, until she was like"Gio!". You can imagine how embarrassed I was! But, she is such a sweetie! So, I am sure all was fine!

The party itself had great music, as always by the Dead Elvi. There was a wedding, and Zacherly turned 91! He looked good for his age and was very peppy. God bless him!

Then Kip Winger played. I am NOT a fan of Winger, but had a great time signing along to his five song acoustic set. After him, Gregg Brady sang! That made the American Gladiators come out and rock!

As I said, I was pretty drunk, but that's the way Chiller should be! Everyone was drunk and of course there were hot babes. As always, Sci-Fi Ninja Theatre's Vinny was there to talk to the babes. These girls were hot! Yep, I had an AWESOME time!

Uhm, so where the hell were you?!

The next day, we said bye to Pat, and went to the pancake place, as has been the tradition since last October. As with last Oct, I had some awesome BACON! Bacon is the food of the gods!!!!! It was a nice end to another great Chiller.

Here's to the next one in April!


Unknown said...

I just love the picture of you and Tiffany! She's a total babe.

Anonymous said...

cool pics man! I was the freddy! First I was a zombie, then a imbred and by the time i switched to freddy i was way to drunk! I'll be there in April bro! What a time.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Sweet to hear, bro! Be sure to say hi, if you see me!

Unknown said...

i'll be at chiller tomorrow man! maybe i'll see you there!

Giovanni Deldio said...

Matt, will you be there on Sat? Cause, that's the only day i will be there. If so say hi, either way have a great time! :D