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Exxxotica NY- Sept. 13, 2008

Anyone who knows me or reads this blog on a regular basis know that I am a huge fan of porn and adult entertainment. For years I have wanted to attend a porn con (having done countless of horror cons and a bunch of comic-book cons), but alas, they were always held in places like LA, Miami, and, duh, Las Vegas. But, that all changed this last weekend (Sept. 12-14, 2008), when Exxxotica came to the upper East Coast!

Originally it was to be held in the Meadowlands, but conservative mentality (something I abhor) prevailed, and it seemed like it might get canceled. But, thank God, it did not. The show got moved to the farther location of Edison New Jersey.

And so, I and my friend Pat went there on Sat. As far out there as it was, it was more than worth it!

As we walked in, I hear a girl say my name, when I turn to look it is one of my friends from Burning Angel, the lovely Jaye Mayhem! Mayhem is one of the coolest and sweetest girls, I know, and next to her is another Burning Angel hottie, who fucking rulz, Morgan Mae! Both of these girls are beyond awesome. And, while, I seen Morgan Mae fairly recently (Burning Angel book signing to be exact), I ain't seen Mayhem since like October, for an Adult Drawing event. It was a great way to start off a perfect day, as I love both of them. Doug Sakman was there, too. For those not in the know he always conducts Strip for Pain, and he directed the horror porn favs Re-Penterator and The Xxxcorcist. He is a fucking cool guy!

So, I figured we should go to the Burning Angel booth, first. There were a whole bunch of the girls there, and we would end up visiting them a bunch of times over the course of the day. Of, course the punk princess herself there, Joanna Angel! Joanna is so awesome. She is always a sweetheart to me, and does not forget me or my name. She signed my copy of Girls, Girls, Girls (the all girl film, not the Motley Crue album), and my newly bought copy of Fuck Me in the Bathroom Part Duex, which she told me it was "a great film!". Said film was also signed by one of my fav BA girls, the stunning Jessie Lee. Anyways, Joanna really is the best, and I am happy to support her. And, tell my friends about her, as Pat told her that he knew about her, thanks to me.

Walking around the con, a couple of things stood. Well, OK, a lot of things! First off, as would be expected there were babes everywhere. And, not just the stars. But, also girls on swings , girls in cages , girls that rode a little scooter type thing , etc. So, when was the last time you saw that at the NY Comic con, huh?

We decide to meet the lovely Jesse Jane next, who along with Stoya, and, the later to show up, Sasha Grey signed free posters of the hotly anticipated Pirates: Stagnotti's Revenge. On the way to the line, I see Mayhem. She asks me if i can get her Jesse's autograph. of course, I say yeah! Anywho, while waiting for the line, I decide to meet the beautiful Ariana Armani. Armani is very sexy and fun in person. I look forward to seeing more of her . Back to the Jesse line. First up is Stoya, whom I have been a fan of since her Godsgirls days. Stoya is incredibly stunning in person, and when I tell her my friend, Mayhem from Burning Angel, is the person that I am requesting a second autograph for she flips out! Stoya is really awesome! Then, of course, came Jesse Jane, herself. Jesse is someone I have long wanted to meet, it even said so on my myspace. Anyways, now I did meet her!

Next we went to the Vivid line, where Niki Jayne and Hanna Hilton are found. Both are very pretty. But, before getting to them I quickly hit the Sassy Assy both. There is plethora of impossibly beautiful women there including Ms. Connie, Jada Cheng , Baby Sar, and Jasmine Mai . This place is like heaven, for me! Amazing! Back to the Vivid girls. They both signed free pics. Jayne is from Manchester, England and has a sexy accent. She asks me if I am from Italy (in case you don't know, my real, full name is Giovanni). I tell her yeah, from Sicily (to be more exact for you readers, my father is Sicilian, my mother Peruvian).

Penny Flame is next for us. Someone once told me about her, and she is fucking cool in person! And cute to boot ! I tell her about me having reviewed Predator II: The Return for the Gorezone. She tells about how she had a lot of down time and gave a good story. Penny is really, and I mean this, one of the most fun and friendly girls at the con. She signs that film and another one I buy at the con.

The next girl is the one I wanted to meet the most, Gianna Lynn. I wanted to meet her even more after having interviewed her. She was so sweet and friendly in person! She is one of the nicest, most down to Earth girls around. Aside from being a truly stunning beauty. She was so cool to me and seemed equally happy to meet me in person, finally. She signed three films that I bought for her to sign , a pic I bought at her table, and another film I just from her . Gianna Lynn rules all and that's the bottom line, cause Master Gio, said so!

I then went to see the lovely Flower Tucci. Tucci was just about to leave and looked like she would, but she stuck around a few minutes more and gave us (as me and another dude) free pics that she personalized. And, then did took pics with us ! How cool is that? I was always a Flower fan, but now I am fan of hers for life!

Next up is Audrey Bittoni. Monstar, whom I met for the first time at the con, after having talked to him on myspace for quite some time, now with him setting up the Gianna Lynn interview and Predator II review and all, said I will be interviewing next sometime soon. I look forward to it. Audrey is very cute and cool in person.

Gianna Micheals is the next one I meet. Micheals is impossibly beautiful and a fav of many of the people I know over at the Gorezone. She signs free pics that she has. That just rules!

The pole dance champion is a great dancer and rightfully worthy of her award! I met her next . Very MILFy and a great ass!

I then went to the Xtreme Latina Voyeur booth, were I saw these two amazing goddess I had seen walking around at the con all day . Anyways, I wanted to see Alexis Amore. But, she would not be back till fifteen minutes. When, I did return and saw her, I told her I was Peruvian (she is the Peruvian princess, after all!). Alexis was so cool and a sweetie, in person . I was so happy i met her , too!

Slammingsluts.com wins the ward for best advertising. The girls began to make-out , lick each other pussies (well panties to be exact), and spanking each other , too. Hot, HOT SHIT all the fucking way! They had a huge crowd watching them for the longest of time. True geniuses at work, here!

I would next go to Stormy. I told her that I was the one who had reviewed Predator II and sent her the link to her myspace. Stormy is ravishing and the last person to sign my copy of Predator II.

Savanna Sampson showed up later at the Vivid booth. I had met her a few years back at a signing in the Virgin Megastore on Times Square. Anywho, she is really nice and I love the fact that she has her own wine company. She signed free copies of her CD single . Now, this ain't my type of music, but it ain't bad. It's techno-pop. Better than the worthless sluts like Spears, who get lots of air time on TV, that's for sure.

The next girl I went up to was the shapely Sunny Leone. I first heard of her way back when she was a Penthouse Pet. Leone signed a copy of Club for me . Personally speaking, I love getting skin mags signed. Maybe cause, while I don't them anymore, they held a special place in my heart, because of my college days.

I then met the amazingly beautiful Asa. Now, I never seen or heard of before this, but Jesus Christ, this woman is GORGEOUS! Man, she definitely won herself a new fan, in me! I might be in love! But, in all seriousness, she had run out of pics when I saw her, but promised more later in the day. I got a pic with her , and then got a free autographed pic from her a little later. Very cool chick, who even knew how to spell my name, without me needing to say a single letter! She rox!

Next to her was the beautiful Sasha Hollander . She, too, signed a free pic for me!

I then competed in the Vivid Air Guitar Contest. The fans cheer for the contestants and top three then must compete for the judges. I did good, but not good enough to make the top three. I was prob top 4. Anywho, this awesome old dude wearing a a Rutgers shirt won. He rocked it, man!

There was this MILFy lady who sold her vids and promoted her website. I think this pic speaks for itself.

Sasha Grey finally showed up and signed my poster. You know I saw some shit that that moron Tyra Banks had said and done when she came on her show recently. Well, fuck Tyra and her crowd. Sasha was so cool, and beautiful, in person. She even sent a special message for a friend of mine, who is a fan of hers, on vid. I always liked Sasha, but after having met her , I now love her! Plus, come on man, she throwing the fucking devil horns in this pic, she has to be cool!

After that I went up to Roxy DeVille. We talked about her horror-pornos. She was so fun, and she took a pic with me, she grabbed, er well just see for yourself!

I have liked Gina Lynn, and her ass, for a long time, so it was cool to see her next. She signed a copy of Cherri .

I spotted a group of hot Asian girls , so of course, I had to check them out! My fav of the batch (though they are all stunning), posed, by herself, next. . She was very sexy. I just found out today, that her name is Nyssa Nevers. Anyways, she is total babe!

I was wondering were the rollergirls mentioned in the add, were. And, hey here they are ! They had a wicked cool, little pillow fight, with heelish (wrestling talk for bad guy) cheating and all! Great stuff!

A lady I had seen earlier demonstrated a vibrator machine earlier on stage. She has a great ass!

Finally, we were gonna leave, but I said let's go see the BA girls and say bye, first. So low and behold, they are doing Stripped for Pain! We kept missing it through out the day, but I think we caught the sickest one yet. These two dudes took Singapore canes, wiffel bats, rubber sticks, and electricity. Their backs looked all marked up and nasty. One finally won, and then decided to get the extra points by taking two punches from Joanna Angel to his face. I have seen them do Strip for Pain before, but never this bad. Wow, this was hardcore and so were the guys taking the pain. Props to them, but I would never, ever do that! Anywho, the winner did get a lap dance from the girls . You tell me if the pain, and I do mean PAIN, was worth it. Cause, trust me these guys got home and probably were pain in the shower, in bed, and even worse, the next day! But, hey Joanna rules! And, it was a GREAT way to cap the night.

The price of $35 was more than enough. I mean we got lots of free pics and shit, and then even when we paid for stuff, it was not bad. Ten bucks from an autograph?! I mean Chiller (please don't go around thinking I am dissing Chiller. It is the second best con) and others, could learn a thing or two from this con. Amazing, amazing time. Without a shadow of a doubt the best con, ever, and one of the most fun days, ever.

Fuck the naysayers, or close minded. Exxotica and porn rules. And I hope this becomes a yearly thing, cause my ass will be there, yet again!

By the way, there are some more pics at my msypace. Check 'em too!


Kim Dubuisson said...

Man it sure looks like you had a blast!
I need to find some movies of Hanna Hilton... she looks YUMMY!!!!!!

Love your blog my friend!
Your Top 5 John Carpenter and David Cronenberg list would be great on the GOREZONE forum!!!!

Giovanni Deldio said...

I'll link the David Cronberg and John Carpenter lists on the Gorezone.

Unknown said...

The scooter things are called Segways. They're commonly used by people who don't like using their legs.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Ahh, thanx for the info! :)