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Chiller Theatre: October 2022

On the Halloween weekend of October 29, 2022, it was time for another trip to Chiller Theatre! This was honestly one of the most amazing guest lists they have had in years. In fact, it might rank among their best ever! What was also cool, and, in turn more fun, was it was the biggest group of us at the con in years. As three of my friends, Freddie, Alan, and Nelson (in his awesome version of Jack Skelington look!), joined me for the kick ass good times!

The first person I went up to was the lovely and awesome Heather Matarazzo. I was really excited to meet her. I consider her Elizabeth Bathory inspired death scene in Eli Roth's Hostel II to be one of the coolest gore scenes of the 2000s. I mentioned to her how much I loved the Shudder documentary mini-series, Queer for Fear, of which she was one of the celebs that were interviewed on it. She was very sweet and all smiles throughout.

The gorgeous Judie Aronson, of Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, American Ninja, Weird Science, and more was up next for me. She's still absolutely breathtaking in person! And, not only is she a total stunner but a sweetheart, too. She was very friendly and talkative as she told us about The Sleeping Car, a movie she was in that she would love to get streaming or some kind of release. I mentioned Vinegar Syndrome, as it felt like something that might they like to put out. I was also sure to let her know that she was one of the people I was most looking forward to meeting that weekend, and that I had a huge crush on her as a kid. 

After that I went up to the lovely Robin Frates who played Megan Gallagher in the first Puppet Master. She had the best deal at the con, at $30 for a combo (IE pic and autograph) at the show. Not only that but she was very sweet and all smiles, as she did a couple of pics with me. This was cause my phone wouldn't focus, at first. She also really liked the cover to the Blu-ray trilogy set, that I had her sign.

One person, we were all excited to meet was legendary actress and classic beauty Olivia (Romeo and Juliet, Black Christmas) Hussey. Black Christmas is one of my personal favorite movies, one I love more and more with the passing of time. She is so important to the genre, being one of the first final girls of the genre. Yet, she is so humble in person. She also told me that she liked the patches on my jacket, especially Elvira. And, asked me about the skull on it, as she has a shirt of it. But, you see, she didn't know what it was. I told her its the Punisher, to which she replied that it sounded scary. I explained to her, that he was not horror, but that he is instead a Marvel hero/ vigilante. 

The last person that I went up to was another of the people that I was most excited to meet, the gorgeous Terry Farrell of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, and more. She is absolute stunner in person, and so tall, at 6'0"! She was also awesome as fuck, as I told her that she was the person I most looked forward to meeting having loved her in Hellraiser III and Stark Trek: DS9. She was very flattered by my comments and was just a blast to talk. She said that she sent Pinhead to hell and should have come back. To which I wholeheartedly agreed, cause she did and should have! Seriously, she rocks and was a great celeb for to close off the day with.

We didn't stay for the party this time around, but we had an absolute fucking blast. We already can't wait till the next one in April!

Here is what I bought at Chiller:
Since I got Screem (limited edition Count Yorga cover) magazine, I got for free a Blu-ray copy of Battle of the Worlds
And, from Vinegar Syndrome I got: The Werewolf Vs. Vampire Woman (in 4K, a brand new release from them).

I have never seen either movie and really look forward to watching Werewolf, in particular, as I am just getting into Paul Naschy movies (finally!). The only movie I have ever seen from him is The Yeti Vs. the Werewolf, which was fun. Just a week or so ago I ordered and got the first of Scream Factory's The Paul Naschy Collection Blu-ray set. Any fans of his reading this? And, if so, what movies of his do you like/ recommend? 

Finally there are the autographs that I got:
Terry Farrell: Hellraiser: The Scarlet Box
Robin Frates: Puppet Master: The Blu-ray Collection
Judie Aronson: Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

Did any of guys go to Chiller? If so who did you meet? What were the highlights for you? Let me know in the comments section below. 


Unknown said...

We went to see Cheech Marin and he looked great. I got an autograph after picking one of his many photos. Then we sat in the audience for Mark and Mark of weird nj fame and then we went to see the Munster vehicles. It was our first Chiller and we look forward to the next show. It was a bit warm inside but April should be cooler.

Giovanni Deldio said...

Glad to hear you guys had fun and will be coming back for the next one. Chiller is always a blast! And, while I didn't meet Cheech my friend did, and he said nothing but good things about him. Much like you guys. 😊