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New York Comic Con 2022: Thursday

This past Thursday, October 6, 2022, marked the first full capacity New York Comic Con (NYCC) since 2019. As, you might remember last year's was a scaled back version due to COVID. While, the website and their social media stated that masks were mandatory at this one, it wasn't enforced, except in panels (more on that in a later installment). I did wear mine, throughout the con cause, I wanted to play it safe. And, honestly it's just a fucking mask, and I have zero desire to get sick . 

Anyways, this was the first year, I decided to cosplay all four days, something I plan to do from here on in at Comic Con. I also debuted two new cosplays, which you will see in the next installments of my Comic Con coverage. But, for the first day I cosplayed as the Avengers: Infinity War Captain America, once again.

As this was the least, comparatively, crowded day, I got to do most of my shopping. And, of course, I got to look at more booths. Here are a few highlights:

The Playmobil booth had some really fun toys displayed.

I am really loving the product that HandMade by Robots are doing:

Finally, we got Super7, easily the booth I spent the most at this year:

And, now here are just some of my favorite cosplays and other cool sights from this first day:

Here is what I actually bought on this day:
From TeeTurtle: a con exclusive Seal of Disapproval shirt
From HandMade by Robots: a limited edition Jack Skelington glow in the dark vinyl figure
From Super7: a glow in the dark Muckman and Joe Eyeball Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimate action figure (I also bought a glow in the dark Reaction figure of Mothra, but she sold out. So, they're sending her to me in the mail. Keep your eyes on my Instagram and Twitter for when I receive her, as I'll definitely post pics.)
And, a Funko Pop of Eagly from Peacemaker. The guy at booth hiked that Captain America was buying an American eagle Pop. To which we both said "'Merica fuck yeah!" 

Be sure to come back and follow for all my reports on the next couple of days, as I have a bunch of fun pics and stories to share!