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Sarcofago- Hate (Album Review)

Musician: Sarcofago
Album Title: Hate
Genre/ Subgenre: Black/ Thrash/ Death Metal
Label: Greyhaze Records
Release Date: May 15, 2020

The release of Sarcofago's Hate ends Greyhaze Records' complete reissues of the influential Brazilian band's recorded output (I have reviewed two of those here). Hate is often overlooked, but it stands out as a dark and fascinating release from the band. There are some bold moments, but this still has it's heart in black metal. The remastered music, taken from the original master tape, sounds fucking phenomenal.

The songs are crushing and filled with bleak and somber lyrical content. Topics such as suicide, murder, and madness are covered with punishing music. Songs tempos shift from groove filled crunch to unrelenting speed. The later is accomplished, in part, due to inhuman drumming. Mostly cause said drums are not played by an actual person but are instead programmed in.

The album opens with "Intro- Song For My Death" a blistering and full speed attack with morbid lyrics. The pure black metal assault of "Pact Of Cum" will batter you from the moment it starts. Speaking of speed, the title track has this punk meets black metal meets thrash sound, especially when coupled with the lyrics about hating, well every fucking thing and everyone. The thundering riffs of Wagner Lamounier's guitars in "The God's Faeces" are some of the coolest he's played. Meanwhile, the chorus of said somg will have signing right along. This all results in some killer fucking music.

Sarcofago's Hate isn't as talked about as some of their more classic work, but it still one hell of an album. With some bold tempo and style shifts, it manages to stand out in the band's discography. With this awesome remastered release, it will hopefully be listened to by more fans of early black metal. Just look over the use of a drum machine and enjoy the dark and ass kicking music.

3.5 out of 5