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Horror Crush: Ginger Lynn Allen

It feels like forever since I gave you a new induction into Horror Crushes, so let's correct that mistake, right fucking now! This time around we have the first ever porn star to be added (which considering it's this site is kind of surprise). And, the first one needs be one of the true legends and greatest stars of the entire skin biz. So it is with great honor and pride that I choose a lady who truly embodies and defines that: the impossibly beautiful and eternally sexy: Ginger Lynn Allen!

Ginger Lynn was born in Rockford, Illinois on December 14, 1962. She is one of the greatest porn stars of all time, and, to me and many others she is also one of the definitive skin starlets of the 80's. As a kid, I knew she was a porn star, but didn't see any of her skin flicks till her AMAZING return to the biz in the 90's. I did know her from her mainstream and B-movies, though, and I had an immediate crush on her. She has remained one of my longest running and biggest crushes of all time. I even had the poster below on my walls well past college.

By the mid to late 80's, when she left the industry and tried her hands at regular movies. She used her full name Ginger Lynn Allen and appeared also on TV, video games and music videos. Of course, we will be mostly focusing on her horror movies.

That being said, the first we will touch upon, in passing, is cop/ sex comedy series Vice Academy. Why do you ask? Cause in the first two films (1989 and 1990, respectively), she starred with scream queen extraordinaire Linnea Quigley! Seriously, twelve year old me was in heaven was just the mere thought of two of my favorite babes being in the same movie. Actually, this idea still fucking rules in my book!
A while back, I bought the first three in an amazing Blu-ray set put out by Vinegar Syndrome (left). I've only watched the first two (never saw the third one but of course will, at some point), so far, and I like them but prefer the second one. In large part cause it has Ginger and Linnea working together instead of opposing each other. Plus, as a bonus, we actually get nudity from Ginger (unlike the first one in which we only get her in private wear), and that dear friends is always good!

Her first actual horror movie was 1989's Satan's Storybook. I recall seeing a bad review for it in Fangoria magazine. But, the cover and her being in it made me wanna see it regardless. I finally did last weekend on Tubi. And, boy were they ever right, cause, this ranks among the worst horror anthologies ever made!
Ginger plays the sister to the goth hottie who is gonna marry Satan. Ginger's character is on a divine mission to kill her, but instead takes her with her. Meanwhile, Satan is like, "Where the fuck is my bride to be?!". One of his minions tells him what's happening and spins two really shitty tales, one about a Satanic serial, the other about a clown. Both suck but the second one is actually painful and boring to watch. The FX are bad and the acting sucks. There is little gore and NO nudity, despite having some hot chicks in it. Ginger is completely wasted in her role and the movie just ends, as if they run out of money!

That same year also had Ginger appear in Buried Alive. I never seen this one, but aside from our blonde goddess, it also has Robert Vaughn, Donald Pleasance, and John Carradine. That is one hell of a cast! Any of you ever seen this? How is it and how is Ginger in it? Let me know in the comments section below.

In 1990, she appeared in Hollywood Boulevard II, a sequel, several years later, to the Roger Corman favorite. This is a comedy, but I bring it up, as it comes from Corman and is a cult flick. Also, cause it's really fun. Ginger is great at comedies, as this further proves. She also looks gorgeous. Why this one is out OOP and has not ever been on Blu-ray boggles my mind. I have been dying to revisit it. By the way, I can't compare it to first one, as I never seen that flick.

1992 saw her star with the always awesome Wings Hauser in Mind, Body, and Soul. I haven't see this one, either, but remember seeing it mentioned and/ or reviewed in Fango. It definitely has my interest, as Ginger gets top billing and has Satanists and, like I said before, Wings fucking Hauser! Any thoughts on this, from those who have seen it?

The late nineties saw her return to porn shooting some awesome content (further cementing herself as one of the greatest adult actresses ever), including one of my favorite adult movies, Torn. But, she also kept appearing in non-skin stuff. Including the excellent and moving video to Metallica's cover of Bob Seger's Turn the Page. While, it's not horror, metal shall forever be connected to horror, and we cover metal, here, so it gets a mention. Plus, Ginger gives a powerful performance, looks stunning as ever, as a stripper dealing with hardships.

In 2003, she finally returned to horror with Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhain. I remember being so pumped for this one, as it promised lots of gore and lots of porn stars. Aside, from Ginger, it also had three other skin goddesses of the time: Chasey Lain, Taylor Hayes, and Jenna Jameson. Plus, it also had the gorgeous Bobbie Phillips, who was in one of my favorite The X-Files episodes, "War of Coprophages" (the one about the killer cockroaches)! With all these babes and blood. I was like "fuck yeah!" Sadly, the movie is utter shit, though, I do recall Ginger being good and likable in her relatively small role.

2005 saw her appear in my favorite movie she has ever been in : Rob Zombie's masterpiece The Devil's Rejects. In it, she  appears as the girl Captain Spaulding is dream about while some other chick is riding him. Ginger is topless and looks hot as hell, itself, in this fun and funny scene.

Zombie used her again in 2016's decently enjoyable but flawed 31, where she played a character named Cherry Bomb.

Afterwards, as far as horror, she appeared in a movie called Streets of Vengeance (2016). I ain't seen it, but seems right up my alley. Then there is House of Many Sorrows, which IMBb says comes out this June 9. And, finally Slashorette Party which is currently in pre-production.

I would be hard pressed to not mention that on September 6, 2009, I made a dream since I was twelve come true, when I met her at Exxxotica NJ. She was sexy and breathtaking, in person, on top of being really cool, fun, and down to earth, . This remains one of my favorite adult convention going  memories. 

The DVD she signed for me at Exxxotica. Hers is the one right on top of the word "Rejects".

Ginger Lynn Allen is one of the hottest and most beautiful women to have ever done  any kind of movies. She certainly is one of the very few (and quite possibly the only to have done this as successfully as she has) to have worked in X-rated, B-movies, and A-films and to have done it continuously. That is beyond impressive. With her natural beauty, unbridled sexiness, and countless of horror movies (which she keeps on adding to!), it is without a doubt in my mind that she deserves to be added to the Horror Crushes section of this site!