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Abysmal Dawn- Phylogensis (Album Review)

Musician: Abysmal Dawn
Album Title: Phylogensis
Genre/ Subgenre: Death Metal
Label: Season of Mist
Release Date: April 17, 2020

Six years after their last album, Obsolescence, LA death metal band, Abysmal Dawn, are back with Phylogensis. And, this long wait has resulted in one of fuck of a killer release.

The album has the band trademarks of being technical, brutal, and rich in melody. They deliver on all these aspects in top form. Crushing and, yet wholly listenable, it really stands out among the death metal masses. While, some may not have heard this band's music before, this is the album that I feel will definitely cement them in the minds of fans of extreme music (if they weren't already).

The album opens up with the chaotic and unrelenting tech assault of "Mundane Existence". The ferocious and pounding track erupts, especially when the vocals and blasts-beats kick in. The Morbid Angel like lead riffing will surely please fellow fans of the genre. Speaking of riffs the one in "Hedonistic" absolutely fucking kills. Combine it with machine-gun drumming and brutal vocals and you get one of the fucking best death metal tracks of 2020. It is an absolute future classic! For more sick riffing check out absolutely crushing and smashing assault of "Coerced Evolution". It is destined to set the mosh pit on fucking fire (once tours and normal life return, of course).

The band also shows a real maturity in its lyrical content that separates it from their contemporaries. They take on social media fights ("The Path of the Totalitarian"), the death of real journalism ("True to the Blind"), mental illness concerns ("Soul Sick Nation"), and so much more. It makes their music feel relevant. But, never once do they sacrifice brutality. On the contrary, this fucker can stand next to any release currently in the genre.

Abysmal Dawn's Phylogensis  is technical, brutal, and with flourishes of the melodic. They combine with smart lyrics delivered brutally by signer / guitarist Charles Elliot. The summation of these parts results in a release that is as exciting as I have heard, so far, this year. I really knew little of this band before hearing this record, but it has made made me a fan of theirs. It is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best death metal records of 2020.

4.5 out of 5