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Necrowretch- The Ones From Hell (Album Review)

Musicians: Necrowretch
Album Title: The Ones From Hell
Genre/ Subgenre: Blackened Death Metal
Label: Season of Mist
Release Date: February 14, 2020

The Ones from Hell is the latest offering from Necrowretch. Hailing from France, this blackened death metal band are back and are as evil and unrelenting as ever. And, make no bones about it, this album plays like a brutal fire storm unleashed from the depths of hell, itself.

In many ways this is both a continuation as well an expansion from the sound of their last album, Satanic Slavery. While, maintaining the same unstoppable speed, they also add melody and atmosphere further enhancing their satanic soundscape.

Opening with chainsaw riffing and brutal blast-beats, "Luciferian Sovranty", becomes a thundering and pummeling Satan loving track. The title track has this cool opening riff that has a real Dissection like quality to it. This is furthered even more once the hellish vocals kick in. It is here that the song really and truly shines as an excellent mix of the evil and style of black metal with the savageness of death metal. "Codex Obscuritas" shows what the band can accomplish when they slow things down. And, unholy fuck is it ever a lot! Darkly atmospheric and wholly evil, it sounds feels like fetid winds from hell, itself! It might be the absolute best track on here.

With an expanded use of atmosphere and their usual brand of evil speed, The Ones from Hell are a real showcase for Necrowretch. It's a darkly evil and blisteringly heavy excursion into Satan's realm. This is the band's finest and most varied work yet, and fans who like their music brutal and demon spawned need to take heed!

4 out of 5