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Toy Fair 2020- NECA Toys- Horror Edition, Part 1

First off, sorry for the delay on posting anything Toy Fair 2020 related. While, it took place between February 22-25 (at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC), I had an accident and cut my middle finger, on my right hand, at the beginning of this month, making it difficult to write and edit pics. I am almost fully healed now, and ready to get back into the swing of things.

With that being said, let's start with what is always one of my favorite booths at the yearly event: NECA! As always, I love their horror action figures, so let's just dig right in!

There are two new Godzilla figures coming out. One based on Godzilla Vs. Biollante, the other on his look from Godzilla: Tokyo SOS.

We are also getting two clothed figures, Chief Brody and Quint, based on the classic Jaws! The likenesses of these two are on point!

On top of that, we are also getting clothed figures from Hatchet, Halloween, They Live, and Scream as well!

They will also continue with their fun Toon Terrors line. The figures will include characters from Beetlejuice, Hatchet (I never thought we would be getting a figure much less two from this franchise!), Trick R' Treat, and The Exorcist. Speaking of which. this Regan, with interchangeable puking head, fucking rules! 

Let's end this part with this creepy and cool Annabelle figure!