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Must See Scenes: Stacey Staxx (Hairy Girl Edition)

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Let's not mince any words here, Stacey Stax (AKA Stacey Staxx, Stacy Staxxx, and Stacy Staxx)  is absolutely beautiful, as well as being sexy and hot as hell. Her hair is long and usually black (my favorite hair color), her natural boobs are an awesome size (and thus fit her awesome name), she has a great ass, her bush looks beautiful, she has a great body, and the tats are a sexy bonus that adds to her hotness.
She worked in the industry from 2006-2015 with a couple of different companies. Her work fell under fetish, including BDSM (for Kink.com) and hairy girls (which is what this post will focus on). A lot of what she shot were either solo scenes or lesbian, both of which she excelled at. She only did two boy/ girl scenes, both blow-jobs and both with Rodney Moore.
The following are some of my favorite hairy scenes that she shot. Stacey had a really fun and sexy attitude when doing her sex scenes which had a a pleasure to watch and spank the monkey to. She was at her best flirting and being naughty. All of the scenes are linked to where you can (legally) see or purchase them, so enjoy!

Seattle Hairy Girls 29&30 - Stacey Stax and Saffron- This scene is fucking sexy as hell. In it, Stacey has dark blonde hair. She plays a wife whose hubby (Rodney Moore), picks up a hairy dom (the absolutely gorgeous Saffron), to dominate and have sex with her. We learn that this is both his and Stacey's fantasy.

Saffron looks delicious (she really does have a perfect body) and is amazing at dominating Stacey. She makes Stacey wear a blindfold before she walks in and keep it on for a while. And, while the scene is hot from the get go once the blindfold comes off, it becomes nuclear level stuff. They have great chemistry and the sub and dom relationship is perfection. Hairy armpit and bush licking are hot, hot highlights that will have your Mr. Happy at his happiest. In all, it's a great scene with two of the best hairy girls ever, and her second best girl-girl scene, at least that I have seen.

Seattle Hairy Girls 47 & 48- This bit of solo action from our hairy goddess is truly delicious, not unlike she is. She introduces herself and talks about her hairy body parts. Honestly, with that soft and sexy voice of hers, I could listen to her do this all day! Then, she talks about her being horny, which leads to her touching herself and then using a black dildo. Afterwards, she asks you to taste her! Just writing about this makes me feel happy!

Seattle Hairy Girls 49&50- solo- Speaking of scenes that will make you happy, I present to you this phenomenal solo action. In it, Stacey calls her significant other, who can't come over, but has a left a brown dildo for her to play with. Stacey's very sexy voice is perfect for this scene. Her long, slightly wavy, black hair looks especially sexy on her here. Also, phenomenal are legs and her boobies which look simply killer in the lingerie she is wearing. It is one you will find yourself going back to may times, as I do!

Seattle Hairy Girls 57&58- Stacey Stax and Vega- Back when I did a write up on the breathtakingly gorgeous Vega, I talked about how great this scene is. And, here we are talking about it again! Why? Cause it is fucking awesome, that's why! Fun, sexy, and playful, it is Stacey's best girl-girl scene and my second favorite scene of hers, overall.
They have great chemistry together and both seem to be having fun. And, it feels like, they like working together. Plus, the whole sleep over thing is perfect fantasy material. The scene is replete with a spin the bottle beginning, hot kissing, armpit licking, and love for their awesome asses, hairy legs, and sexy bushes. All of this makes the scene A+ stroke material. 

Seattle Hairy Girls 61&62- (solo)- And, now it is time for my personal favorite scene of hers! This smoldering scene from parts 61&62 of the Seattle Hairy Girls series (a great entry in what is my favorite porn series of all time) has Stacey come into a hotel bathroom. She says that she is sweaty and needs to shower.

Stacey sits down on a chair and plays with herself, before taking said shower. From start to finish the hotness level present is enough to melt steel. Stacey looks beautiful, and sounds ever so sexy as she talks directly to us. Seriously her voice is perfection, and she knows just what to say. There are some great shots of her beautiful ass and awesome bush, dirty talk, fingering and touching herself (out and in the shower!), lots of armpit licking (!!!), and just about everything else I could ask for. You'll be using lots of tissues with this one, as you will be done multiple times before the scene even ends! So just be sure have a big box ready! This really is one of my personal favorite scenes (solo or otherwise) ever made.
As I stated at earlier, this isn't all she shot for Rodney. And, she she also shot for kink.com, ATK Hairy (these are definitely worth seeking out, as well!), and more. Stacey maybe gone from the skin biz, but her bonerific beauty and sexiness is beyond awesome. Whatever she is doing now, I hope she is well and happy. We remain happy being able to revisit again and again (ad infinity) all of her hairy hotness!