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Monster-Mania: March 2019

On March 9, 2019, my friends, Freddie and Alan (his first time at this con!) headed out to Cherry Hill in New Jersey for the March 2019 edition of Monster-Mania. Needless to say, we had a fucking blast!

This was as hot as a con can get, with Saturday tickets having been sold out in advance. Thankfully, the three of us got ours beforehand. The place was packed, though it would begin to thin out by around 4 or so. 

Anyway, as one would expect certain lines were super long, for example the ones for Neve Campbell and Fairuza Balk were crazy ass long! They were part of The Craft reunion. This was the first time all four of them were doing a con together. Balk was always my favorite in the film, but her line was too much for me to wait (at least two hours from what I heard). I wanted to enjoy myself and had business to conduct, anyway.

I did get the other two actress though, beginning with still beautiful Rachel True. I cannot believe that she is 52, as she clearly does not age! And, best of all, she was so awesome in person! I told her how happy it made me to have all of them at the con. I also talked with her about the amazing Shudder documentary about blacks in, Horror Noire. When she took the pic with me she grabbed my arm and said, "Someone works out!" I said, "Yes, I do!" I can honestly say that this made my year. I can die a happy man! As a matter of fact, True is so awesome in person, that I was dying laughing getting my pic with her!

The next and last person I went up to was the beautiful Robin Tunney. She was very sweet and down to earth in person and even more beautiful! Here eyes are absolutely stunning!

Here is my signed, by them, The Craft DVD. I had pre-ordered the new Scream Factory Blu-ray, but alas it has not come in yet. So, I guess I am keeping my DVD when that disc arrives, which honestly speaking, should be super soon.

After that I has spent so much on autographs that I just deiced to enjoy the con. Here are just some of my favorite cosplays that I saw at the con.

And, here is the swag I bought at the con. They are:
a Fright-Rags Poltergeist tee (bought at their booth, of course)
an Aliens patch for my battle-jacket
on Blu-ray: 
Audition (Arrow Video Edition)
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
Trailer Trauma 4: Television Trauma
and a Funko Pop Metallica Lady Justice toy

Below you will see me getting ready for my interview with the always amazing Soska twins. It was conducted after their awesome panel. I'll be posting it soon, so keep your eyes open for it!

That's it for now. I will probably be going to NJ Horror Con (for the first time ever!) this Saturday, so if you are there be sure to say hi!