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Horror Action Figures from NECA at Toy Fair 2019, Part 2: Lots of Terror and a little Metal!

Let's jump right into the second half of my coverage of NECA's upcoming horror action figures. And, for the first half be sure you click here.

I LOVE that NECA is continuing to do toys to genre favorites and classics that one never imagined would get toys, like Clive Barker's Nightbreed, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, and John Carpenter's They Live! While still giving is long time merchandise favorites like Sam from Trick R' Treat.

A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th (especially fans of the later) will have a lot to look forward to. And, speaking of things that you never thought you would see, I am adding the Ultimate Roy figure, AKA Fake Jason from Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. That is probably the one I want the most out of the F13 figures coming out.

And, hey if Freddy and Jason (and Roy) are here, then Michael Myers needs to here, too! And, what better way than with this AMAZING figure based on Halloween II! The alt heads and the jack-o-lantern with skull accessories are everything!

As always there is a MASSIVE amount of Predator and Alien toys coming or already out.

The title of this post promised you a little bit of metal, so here ya go! From the Big Four, we get Scott Ian of Anthrax and Megadeth's mascot Vic Rattlehead! I mean, there is no better way to end this than with some fucking thrash metal!!